Monday, January 6, 2014

it's carnival time, y'all!!!

happy twelfth night!!
today is the beginning of carnival season in new orleans, and of course, it's ffrrrreeeeezzziiinng cold.
i am tucked up in bed, near the one good heater we have, both cats close by, going through all of my mardi gras pictures since 2006.
there are a lot of them.

today is my also my first real day back in the studio since before the holidays, and as you can see... i am getting SO much done.

this year is bittersweet for me, as there is a good possibility that we will be leaving new orleans this summer so my mister can pursue his PhD. 
we don't know where we are going yet, but i am trying to view it as an adventure.

i am trying to enjoy every single moment of whatever time we have left in nola, but it is difficult....i am sad, and happy, and exhilarated; hopeful, proud, and angry.
all at the same time.
new orleans is my home.
the only place i have felt accepted and loved.

but, i promise you...wherever we end up...i'll be that weirdo down the block whose house is decked out in purple, green, and gold every january 6th...

so, as i shake off the cold and try to get to work, here are some of my favorite pics from mardi gras over the years....

happy twelfth night!
it's carnival time!!!!


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DianeMc@BostonMA said...

Hi Amber!! BBBBBRRRRRRR it's cold in nola - and cold here in MA (a whopping 16 which actually feels balmy after our -2 the other morning! I've been meaning to e-mail you but saw your post and thought Id write you here! I really enjoyed reading your post and viewing your awesome photos. I'm sure it's going to be very difficult to potentially leave NOLA, but I like that you are viewing it as an adventure and that maybe the relocation won't be forever. How about coming to MA (I promise the weather is good about 30% of the time haha!) But we have SALEM and six or so weeks of crazy fun and my favorite small walking city of Boston. Anyway, wanted to say hello and hope you are able to stay warm - take care!!
Diane xo