Wednesday, September 11, 2013

is it fall yet?!

looking over my posts, i see my last one was in the middle of july.
where has the rest of my summer gone...
oh yeah...vacation and work.

i am finally back in the studio, working manically to not only get ready for halloween and day of the dead, but also for 3 group shows i am doing at the beginning of october...
it makes me tired just thinking about it.
not really. you know i love it!!

so, here's a few pics of what's been coming out of my little work space over the last month:

as you can see, i am a leetle beet obsessed with making those halloween bandits!! i still have  a few left in my etsy shoppe, as well as one day of the dead piece.
but, more are on the way.

for a listing of my upcoming shows, please see the "upcoming shows" link at the top of my page.

i hope everyone is having a fantastic september and i hope to talk to you all again soon,