Tuesday, July 16, 2013

busy as a little bee...

i've been going full throttle the last few weeks.
so many ideas and the gentlest nudge from the mister to get cranking on halloween items early this year.
 so, here is a little grouping of girlies i've been working on...

they will all be available in my ETSY shoppe tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17th at 3pm CST

now i have to start on a new batch...
it never ends! lol!

i hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!


Monday, July 1, 2013

summer in the studio...

good monday morning everyone!
wow...it's july 1st. 
again, where does my time go?....

things have been busy here in the hot and humid crescent city.
i've been listing some new, vintage inspired girls in the shoppe:

 painting up a storm...

 and trying to figure out what to do next...
it's all very tiring. haha!

i've not been as focused the last few days as i normally am. running all over town. trying to find supplies i need. going to the movies. milling around the abode. 
ahh...summertime in new orleans!!

it just saps all the energy out of you.
and then some.
but, i'm trying to rally today. i've been working on some new doll designs (no pics yet), but i can tell you that i'm re-designing the faces to be more oval, and i have been very happy with them so far.
they will get their bodies today. then we'll have to find out who they want to become.

i listed the new ginger ladies in the shoppe yesterday.
it was on the fly, so i didn't have time to announce an update.
they are mostly flat panel paintings with a few traditional canvases thrown in, and all between $30-$50.

i woke up this morning thinking, i have no idea what to do this week.
i guess i'll start getting ready for some things i have going on this fall.
it's never too early to get ahead, i suppose...

so, that's what's going on here.
what are you up to this week?
any big summer plans?

have a great week!!!