Thursday, June 20, 2013

ETSY shoppe update...all the girls will be there!!

i've gotten 6 new vintage inspired girls finished this week, and they are ready to hit my ETSY shoppe tomorrow - Friday June 21st at 2pm CST (3pm EST and noon PST)...

{{just a little sneaky-peeky}}

and the best news of all...they are all under $100!!!

i hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!


Monday, June 17, 2013

getting back to my roots...

well, the last of the resin pieces are arriving at their destinations this weekend.
the pieces i have had for sale in my ETSY shoppe have all been discounted, and everything else has been packed away for posterity's sake.
*i breathe a sigh of relief*

i have moved on, happily, and have been sculpting in paper clay again this week...

i've started a new line of vintage inspired girls, and i am hoping they will tie in with my paintings.
i have enjoyed working on these more than anything i have done in a very, very long time.
and i am not having to fight the product, which is extra nice! 
i have a few repairs to make and a little sanding to do, and they will be ready to paint.
looking forward to doing that this week as well.

i also really need to work on some i am super-duper happy to be once-again represented by High Gloss in Houston, TX. they will have a small smattering of my vintage glass bead embroidery necklaces and earrings.

this is also something i have recently gotten back in to, and hope to pick up a few more retail outlets this year. i am enjoying beading again, and i really never thought i would...

 i will update as pieces are going out to the gallery...

other than that, i am still healing up a bit, i suppose. i was able to go for a fairly lengthy, albeit meandering walk last weekend...

... but this week even the shortest walks have winded me. i think part of it is the heat wave we are experiencing...
i will just have to keep at it, but slowly.

so that is what is going on my little corner of the universe.

i hope everyone is having a great start to their week and here's to a fantastic week ahead!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

paintings and curious characters: a little studio update.....

well, i think i am finally getting back in the groove this week.
i started building armatures for some new doll designs.
it felt good to get my paper clay out again, and let me tell you...that stuff is sooooooo easy to work with after fiddling (i.e. struggling) with that resin!!!
it was like buttah.
anyway...i have about 8 pieces started and i am so excited about them.
they are going to be very folky-vintage.
no more monsters for this gal!!
{alas, not pictures to show just yet}

i have also been painting up a storm...

and i am so beyond thrilled that each of these ladies has already sold!!

and finally, i finished painting, what is, the last of the resin figures to be shipped off today to Stunning Strange in washington for their show Curious Creatures which opens this month...

"snow white, demon child"

"the dragon queen"

i have a few more little critters laying around that i may paint up one day, but, to be quite honest, i think i am done for now with the resin and the monsters.
i'm going back to my first love...vintage ladies, circus performers, and anthropomorphic girls.
it is what is calling me at the moment....

so, that's a little update on what's been going on here the last few days.

i hope everyone is having a great week and here's to a great weekend as well!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

looking back and looking ahead....

i cannot express to you all how moved i have been regarding all the wonderful notes i have received- both here and on my facebook page- regarding my breathing issues and the artistic decisions i have had to make over the last few weeks.
i never dreamed that i would be surrounded by so many lovely, understanding people.
i am so blessed.
thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement.
they mean the world to me!!

the last week has been a weird one, to say the least.
i am the kind of person who really feels a little lost when she is not creating, and i lost all of last week. so, by the time this weekend rolled around, i was just standing in my little studio, turning around and around in circles, and staring off in to space.
i had no idea where to begin....

i started by cleaning, packing up, and putting away all of the resin and baby powder, as well as any unfinished resin pieces. i had to wear a mask to do this. it was hot...damn hot!!

mainly, i thought. and thought. and thought some more.

where to i go now? next? 
what do i do?

do i give up sculpting completely?  can i go back to the paper clay? by going back to the paper clay, will i be going backwards or moving forward?
basically just a big ole "what now?!'

i know you are are probably thinking, man! is she over thinking this!!
and you would probably be right.

but, that is how i roll, so...


i think i may have mentioned that i had suspected the resin for a while, so naturally, in the back of my mind i have been wondering if i was heading in the right direction. i also haven't been as happy with the pieces i've been making as i would like to have been.

 i have doubted. constantly.
 do i really want to make monsters and fantastical creatures? yes, sort of....
but i missed the vintage quality of the paper clay.

{i also missed knowing what the hell i was doing! haha! that resin is a stinker in more that one way...}

so, this last week, while i took some time off and i thought and thought and thought, i came to the decision that i WILL return to sculpting with paper clay, and you know what...the thought made me a whole lot happier than i thought it would!! 
surprised the hell out of me!! 

so, while i've been cleaning the studio and prepping canvases, i have been thinking on some new designs and how i want to approach all of my artistic endeavors, not just the sculpting.
i've tried some new things, painting - wise that just seem so wonderful when i see other painters use them, but just are not me.
i have my own voice and style and i guess i should be happy about that...
but, of course, i tried them anyway.
and they didn't work for me.
but it was fun to try...

so, even though i kind of feel a little like i am back at square one, i know i am moving forward...every day will be a new day to try something new, to pull out an old idea and give it new life, to experiment and grow.

so, all the rambling aside...i think i am ready to move forward

thank you everyone who has been listening and helping me figure this out.

you all rock!!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

breathing a little easier, but difficult decisions ahead....

in my last post, i mentioned that i was still having trouble breathing and i had put a call in to my doctor in the hopes of getting in to see him and find out what the hell was going on with me.
they were able to fit me in later that afternoon, and i found out some very interesting things...
first of all, surprisingly enough, i do not have allergies! ha!

all my life, i have had such bad sinus issues i just assumed i had allergies as well.
my doctor informed me, and i have the paper work to prove it, that most people in new orleans register about 100 on the allergen level tests. 
i am a 6.
no allergies.

but..............what i do have or, rather did have, was an allergic, asthma-like reaction to an outside substance.
translation: resin. bad.

yep, the magic sculpt i have loved does not love me.
i have suspected it might be at the root of my breathing issues for a few months, but i did not want to admit it.
between the baby powder i was using to keep it from sticking to the table and the odor of the resin itself, my lungs just had enough. and to top it off, i also got a nose-full of pencil shavings that same day when i emptied the pencil sharpener.
so, he described my lungs as being similar to getting a bruise: it is going to take a while for them to heal.

he gave me a treatment at the office and a prescription for a rescue inhaler, just in case.
but, his main advice was give up the resin, and if you can't wear a respirator when you work.
he told me of another patient who works with wood, and has the exact same problem. this work is his livelihood, as sculpting is partly mine, so the man has to wear nose plugs AND a respirator in his own studio. 
now, that is devotion.
unfortunately, i am NOT that devoted.

it was recommended that i take some time off from sculpting to let my lungs heal up.
i have done that.
and in that time, i have thought about how to proceed with my art; with my sculpting.
what do i do? do i buy a respirator and wear that thing all the live long day?
do i cut down on the powder and see if that was the trigger?
do i go back to paper clay?
give up sculpting completely?
all these questions.
surprisingly enough...i didn't freak out at the prospect.
i thought i would, but i didn't. 

i have my painting and i have my jewelry, and i have the paper clay. it's not like i can't go back to using it. but, i wanted to be sure it was something i was comfortable with.

i think it would be an easier decision if i hadn't heard from several people that my new work with the resin was my best work yet. how do i deal with that notion? how to i just go backwards? will it be possible to continue in a forward motion if i go back to paper clay?
can i use the resin just for detail work? 

all these questions are still milling around in my little noggin, mostly unanswered at this point.
i just can't seem to make a decision.....
i have a piece for a show 3/4 of the way finished sculpting wise.

i will finish it this weekend with the help of a mask.
i hope i can do it. i'm kind of scared.
but i really want to finish it. 
after that, i just don't know.

i think i am going to spend the summer painting and making jewelry.
i might pull my paper clay out again and see what i can do, but i am not sure at this point....
this has all been a little painful to absorb.
but, i suppose i don't have to make a decision today.
it feels good just to talk about it a little bit....
maybe the answer will come to me when i least expect it.
have a fantastic rest of the week and a great weekend!