Monday, April 15, 2013

my little curiosity shoppe....

good monday morning, my friends!
i hope the beginning to a new week is treating you well...even though, here in the US, it is the dreaded tax day.
mine are done, and boy! there's nothing like doing your taxes to make you look real hard at your life and wonder why you work so hard for so little... i guess that is the life of an artist!?!

but, on a brighter i mentioned in my last post (a looooong time ago, it seems), i am moving in a little bit of a different direction with my sculpting.

since discovering, and finally learning to work with magic sculpt resin, i am in love with sculpting again and having more fun that i have had in a long time. i'm finally able to bring all the curiosities and creatures i've had in my head these last few years to life...


the resin just gives so much more detail! the possibilities are end endless...

and i'm finally getting the hang of sculpting my style of faces...

but, i still have a lot to learn. but, that is the fun part, is it not?!

so, this is what i've been up to lately.

looking forward to a great week in the studio, bringing more creatures to life.

i hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

until next time,