Friday, February 22, 2013

deirdre & her party hat...

"deirdre & her party hat" 

"none of the other girls ever wanted to play with deirdre and they never invited her to any of their parties. so, deirdre decided to throw her own party. she was the only guest and had the moste wonderful time...."

this is a OOAK art doll sculpture i just finished to go to mariposa gallery in albuquerque for their group show Chapeuxphilia, which i think opens in march.
i really have grown quite fond of her and don't want to let her go.
but, i am planning to do an entire series of these little devil girl dolls, so perhaps they will also capture my heart...

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
stay warm and dry,


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

on the work table this week...

i've been trying some new thing this week.
opening up my imagination.
trying to slow down and enjoy the process a little more.

some things i have tried have worked. others, not so much (oh, eyeballs!! why do you elude me so?!?)
but i think i've got a good group of heads and a few new bodies started...

and i can't stop making these devils...

it looks like i will have a whole new series of these going pretty soon!

i am also working on a piece for a show at Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque...

she has a little party hat that will grace her lovely, bald head, but it was not dry at the time i took the photo.
the show is hat themed. i hope it works....
i will start painting her today.

so, that's what's on my work table this week.

i hope everyone is having a great week!
until next time,


Monday, February 18, 2013

after the party...

well, we survived another mardi gras here in the big sleazy! 

ha! yes, although i love mardi gras dearly,

 i have to admit, after 6 days in a row of parades and going and doing (and drinking),

 i am always glad to see it end.
we had a FABULOUS time this year, but it's been nice to get back into the swing of normal things around here.

i'm back in the studio, working on some new sculpts.

i have a ton of new ideas and things i want to try and have been experimenting like crazy...some of it has worked. some, eh, not so much...
but, you gotta keep yourself on your toes, you know.

i am going to have a piece in the new show opening at Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque this march. i'm kind of freaking out, because i started on it late, and i'm not sure i will have it finished in time. of course, i HAVE to have it finished in time...come on clay! dry already!!

and i'm trying to figure out where i want to go next with my art....always the same question. where do i want to go next?

and with that thought, i guess i need to get to work!!
until next time,


Monday, February 4, 2013

painting is addictive...

i've been doing quite a little bit of painting since the beginning of the year.
it's nice to just take a break from sculpting and play with new materials and techniques...

i especially love doing mixed media paintings.
either on flat canvas, like the one above,

or traditional (thick) canvas like these two...

they are all mixed media on canvas. i use a variety of papers, acrylic paint, caran d'ache water soluble crayons, graphite, pastels, ink, and charcoal.
i sure am having a blast!!

i'm still getting over the stomach virus i had on friday.
it really took it out of me, but i hope i'm on the mend and destined to have a fantastic mardi gras!!
i hope everyone is having a fantastic week.