Thursday, June 13, 2013

paintings and curious characters: a little studio update.....

well, i think i am finally getting back in the groove this week.
i started building armatures for some new doll designs.
it felt good to get my paper clay out again, and let me tell you...that stuff is sooooooo easy to work with after fiddling (i.e. struggling) with that resin!!!
it was like buttah.
anyway...i have about 8 pieces started and i am so excited about them.
they are going to be very folky-vintage.
no more monsters for this gal!!
{alas, not pictures to show just yet}

i have also been painting up a storm...

and i am so beyond thrilled that each of these ladies has already sold!!

and finally, i finished painting, what is, the last of the resin figures to be shipped off today to Stunning Strange in washington for their show Curious Creatures which opens this month...

"snow white, demon child"

"the dragon queen"

i have a few more little critters laying around that i may paint up one day, but, to be quite honest, i think i am done for now with the resin and the monsters.
i'm going back to my first love...vintage ladies, circus performers, and anthropomorphic girls.
it is what is calling me at the moment....

so, that's a little update on what's been going on here the last few days.

i hope everyone is having a great week and here's to a great weekend as well!!



wonderStrumpet said...

Yay I can't wait to see them! I'm so happy for you that you've made peace with this whole thing. And getting back to your roots can't be a bad thing. Love and luck to you! <3

Amber Leilani Middleton said...

thank you's been an interesting month. just glad i had something to kind of fall back on/go back to. when i hurt my wrist a few years back and couldn't make jewelry, i thought i would go crazy. that's how i got in to sculpting. go figure..