Monday, June 17, 2013

getting back to my roots...

well, the last of the resin pieces are arriving at their destinations this weekend.
the pieces i have had for sale in my ETSY shoppe have all been discounted, and everything else has been packed away for posterity's sake.
*i breathe a sigh of relief*

i have moved on, happily, and have been sculpting in paper clay again this week...

i've started a new line of vintage inspired girls, and i am hoping they will tie in with my paintings.
i have enjoyed working on these more than anything i have done in a very, very long time.
and i am not having to fight the product, which is extra nice! 
i have a few repairs to make and a little sanding to do, and they will be ready to paint.
looking forward to doing that this week as well.

i also really need to work on some i am super-duper happy to be once-again represented by High Gloss in Houston, TX. they will have a small smattering of my vintage glass bead embroidery necklaces and earrings.

this is also something i have recently gotten back in to, and hope to pick up a few more retail outlets this year. i am enjoying beading again, and i really never thought i would...

 i will update as pieces are going out to the gallery...

other than that, i am still healing up a bit, i suppose. i was able to go for a fairly lengthy, albeit meandering walk last weekend...

... but this week even the shortest walks have winded me. i think part of it is the heat wave we are experiencing...
i will just have to keep at it, but slowly.

so that is what is going on my little corner of the universe.

i hope everyone is having a great start to their week and here's to a fantastic week ahead!!


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