Wednesday, May 15, 2013

weird and wonderful, or so i'm told....

oh my goodness! has it really been a month since i posted here....???!!
time just seems to fly faster and faster away from me these days....

lots of groovy stuff has been happening in and around my little studio this last month.
here are a few pics of what has been going on:

detail of ugly stepsister

ugly stepsister 

detail of ugly stepsister

ugly stepsister

detail - demon child

wee little demon child. i just LOVE her claws. going to make more of those....

steampunk octo girl

figi mermaid

ram girl

dragon lady (she's my favorite!!)

angry queen

the stepsisters and demon child are available in my ESTY shoppe, but the rest are available at Mariposa Gallery in Nob Hill in Albuquerque. they have been describes as "weird but a good and wonderful weird". i love that!! heehee!!

there was a small tragedy in the studio last week, and a third stepsister did not make it. my cat, patches, kicked her off the table and on to the rolling leg of my chair, where she broke - badly. i can repair her, but i can't bring myself to do it right now. 
and i will not be making any more stepsisters. so, i guess that's that. but, man, i cried....

this week, i am taking a break from sculpting and working on a few small, flat canvas paintings. i'm really feeling very unsure about what direction i want to go in, sculpture - wise. i have so many thoughts fighting for space in my little noggin...i just need to let the hardware run in the back of my brain while i work on other things for now....hopefully i will have an answer soon, as i have pieces to begin for different shows and such. 

so, i guess that is all that is going on for now.
hopefully, i won't be away for so long from now on....

have a great week everybody and thanks for dropping by!!



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