Friday, May 31, 2013

waiting with baited breath...

i am still having trouble breathing, and finally took the plunge and called my doctor a few minutes ago.
as i wait (not so patiently) on a return phone call, i am eating my oatmeal and hanging out with the cats, who are completely sacked out on the sofa...

they lead such hard lives.
i have no idea how they cope...

and speaking of coping... this whole "asthma" thing is new to me. i know that getting upset just makes it worse, so i am trying to stay calm, but it is hard.
i had a reaction on tuesday while working the magic sculpt and some baby powder. then i emptied the electric pencil sharpener, and, of course, got a nose full of wood shavings and graphite.
i haven't been able to regulate since then.
i am highly allergic to steroids and more than a little weary of prescription drugs, but i am starting to feel a little desperate, so i'm willing to listen to what might be prescribed for me.
we have a hepa filter in the back. i use my saline spray several times a day. i keep the cat fur to the best minimum i can. 
and i've not been near magic sculpt or talcum powder for 3 days.
i've done everything i was told might help, yet  i still cannot catch my breath.
*scared amber*

so, while i wait, i guess i'll go put some beads on some ultra suede. 
that seems the least toxic of all my art activities.

wish me luck!!
i have too much to do to just be sitting around scared....

have a great weekend everybody!!


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Rachel Gallagher said...

Eek, poor you. That does sound a little scary (although me saying that probably doesn't help!)

I hope the Doctors managed to help and you're feeling much better now. xxx