Friday, May 17, 2013

a week off for painting and figuring out a few things...

happy friday everybody!!
this week has literally flown by.
i swear, it was just monday...

so, i set aside this last week to work on some small paintings:

they are in order, and as you can see, i am working larger and looser, finally!!! heehee!
a few months back, the mister asked me : " if we had more space, would you paint larger?".
yes. yes i would.
and now, i definitely would...
the smallest piece here is 5"x7" and the largest is 8"x10" (last pic).
painting is something i am enjoying more and more, as i figure out my style and work on my technique.

it also gave me a very much needed break from sculpting.
so much has changed for me, sculpting-wise this year, i really felt i needed to take a break and think about what i'm doing, what i've done, and where i want to go with my work. 
i'm not sure i have it all figured out yet, but i think i am finally getting a few brain waves in order.
sculpting is hard.
the market is hard.
i started out wanting to make very very vintage feeling pieces, and now here i am 3 years later going in a more fantastical direction....
now i'm trying to find a happy medium between the two...
and i think i can.

i have work in an upcoming show at Stunningly Strange Gallery in edmonds, wa. the show is entitled Curious Creatures, and coming up with work for it has really made me sit back and take stock of what i want to do...which is follow my heart.

so, that is what is going on with me, in a nut shell.

this weekend is take up with social commitments and working a bit at my part time job.
then, hopefully, next week, it's back to the art table...

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!



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Pamela Smallcomb said...

Hi Amber - I love your paintings. I am taking stock, too. Is it the time of year to do this? :) xox