Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my dollies are in ART DOLL QUARTERLY...

so, i've been sitting on this a while now, but i can finally share with you that my work has been published in the winter 2013 issue of ART DOLL QUARTERLY:

hey! that's me!!! yippee!!!

needless to say, i am beyond thrilled!
it is all thanks to ART DOLL QUARTERLY that i became a doll artist to begin with.
i was recovering from a dislocated wrist and was in need of some way to keep my creativity alive, since i could no longer do beadwork. 
i had turned to rubber stamping and paper crafts and become highly addicted to SOMERSET STUDIOS publications.
i was at the local bookstore one evening, looking at stamping magazines, when a figure on the front of another magazine caught my eye...

i bought the magazine that night, just because i thought this doll was the moste amazing thing i'd ever seen! little did i know that after reading it from cover to cover, i would find out that this was something I could do, too!!!
within a week i had my first block of paper clay, and i've never looked back!!!
sculpting gives me so much more freedom and creativity than beadwork ever did.
all the dreams and figures and creatures that have been in my mind since i was a kid are all coming back to me and coming to life. 
i am the happiest when i am sculpting.

so, thank you, ART DOLL QUARTERLY....
i and am so honored and excited to be in this publication!!

this issue will be on newstands FEB 1, 2013.

i hope that everyone has a fantastic wednesday, and i guess i'm going to go do a little painting on 3 dolls i need to finish....




yoborobo said...

Congrats, Amber! Your dolls look gorgeous.
And guess what, my first copy of ADQ was that SAME ONE! LOVE that doll. I hope you are celebrating with a nice glass of bubbly! xox

magikalseasons said...

Congrats Amber! I love your art! I have that issue as well feel in love with it! Becca