Wednesday, October 2, 2013

halloween & day of the dead dolls & a bunch of group shows...


it seems this is everyone's favorite month. everyone i know is pulling out their halloween decorations and in the art and art doll genres, halloween and day of the dead are both in full swing!
and, of course, i am getting in on the festivities as well.

over the last month, i have been solidly working in my studio on dolls for not one, but THREE group show i am in, all opening within a week of each other. 
it has been amazing, fun, exhilarating, challenging, stressful, joyful, and rewarding
i hope that each of my creations find their forever homes soon.

"madame amour, ferrier of everlasting love" and "the sisters eventide" 
will be available at Twilight Gallery in Seattle for the Dolls of the Psychopomp Cirque
group show opening October 12,2013

"magic" and "moonlight" will be available at Tasty Gallery in Seattle for their Enchanted group
show opening October 11,2013

i have to be honest, i have been feeling a little down lately, since everything has shipped out or is being delivered (today!). a friend told me i have the art equivalent of the baby blues! lol! i hadn't thought of it that way.
i do feel a little like there are all these tiny pieces of my soul out there in the world. waiting to find that one person especially for them.
and i am in limbo. waiting to see what happens.
i promise you though, i am no voldemort...

anyway...i have listed the shows that i have this month in the banner at the top of the blog, here, under "upcoming shows".
i also have an album here on my facebook page with each piece that is available and where and how much, and yadda yadda yadda.
it's all kind of overwhelming, so i am trying to simplify for everyone.

i am really excited about the day of the dead dolls i've been making.
these are very close to my heart, and i've though a lot about the concept of eternal love while i worked on them. i am not sure why. but, that's sort of the theme of the pieces that will be at POET'S GALLERY here in new orleans this saturday night for art for art's sake.
so, without further ado, here is a grand review of what i've been doing this month. (not including the ones pictured above!)

i hope you enjoy!!

so, happy october! i hope it stops raining here soon and we get some crisp october days soon!!

everyone have a fantastic remainder of your week,


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

is it fall yet?!

looking over my posts, i see my last one was in the middle of july.
where has the rest of my summer gone...
oh yeah...vacation and work.

i am finally back in the studio, working manically to not only get ready for halloween and day of the dead, but also for 3 group shows i am doing at the beginning of october...
it makes me tired just thinking about it.
not really. you know i love it!!

so, here's a few pics of what's been coming out of my little work space over the last month:

as you can see, i am a leetle beet obsessed with making those halloween bandits!! i still have  a few left in my etsy shoppe, as well as one day of the dead piece.
but, more are on the way.

for a listing of my upcoming shows, please see the "upcoming shows" link at the top of my page.

i hope everyone is having a fantastic september and i hope to talk to you all again soon,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

busy as a little bee...

i've been going full throttle the last few weeks.
so many ideas and the gentlest nudge from the mister to get cranking on halloween items early this year.
 so, here is a little grouping of girlies i've been working on...

they will all be available in my ETSY shoppe tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17th at 3pm CST

now i have to start on a new batch...
it never ends! lol!

i hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!


Monday, July 1, 2013

summer in the studio...

good monday morning everyone!'s july 1st. 
again, where does my time go?....

things have been busy here in the hot and humid crescent city.
i've been listing some new, vintage inspired girls in the shoppe:

 painting up a storm...

 and trying to figure out what to do next...
it's all very tiring. haha!

i've not been as focused the last few days as i normally am. running all over town. trying to find supplies i need. going to the movies. milling around the abode. 
ahh...summertime in new orleans!!

it just saps all the energy out of you.
and then some.
but, i'm trying to rally today. i've been working on some new doll designs (no pics yet), but i can tell you that i'm re-designing the faces to be more oval, and i have been very happy with them so far.
they will get their bodies today. then we'll have to find out who they want to become.

i listed the new ginger ladies in the shoppe yesterday.
it was on the fly, so i didn't have time to announce an update.
they are mostly flat panel paintings with a few traditional canvases thrown in, and all between $30-$50.

i woke up this morning thinking, i have no idea what to do this week.
i guess i'll start getting ready for some things i have going on this fall.
it's never too early to get ahead, i suppose...

so, that's what's going on here.
what are you up to this week?
any big summer plans?

have a great week!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ETSY shoppe update...all the girls will be there!!

i've gotten 6 new vintage inspired girls finished this week, and they are ready to hit my ETSY shoppe tomorrow - Friday June 21st at 2pm CST (3pm EST and noon PST)...

{{just a little sneaky-peeky}}

and the best news of all...they are all under $100!!!

i hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!


Monday, June 17, 2013

getting back to my roots...

well, the last of the resin pieces are arriving at their destinations this weekend.
the pieces i have had for sale in my ETSY shoppe have all been discounted, and everything else has been packed away for posterity's sake.
*i breathe a sigh of relief*

i have moved on, happily, and have been sculpting in paper clay again this week...

i've started a new line of vintage inspired girls, and i am hoping they will tie in with my paintings.
i have enjoyed working on these more than anything i have done in a very, very long time.
and i am not having to fight the product, which is extra nice! 
i have a few repairs to make and a little sanding to do, and they will be ready to paint.
looking forward to doing that this week as well.

i also really need to work on some i am super-duper happy to be once-again represented by High Gloss in Houston, TX. they will have a small smattering of my vintage glass bead embroidery necklaces and earrings.

this is also something i have recently gotten back in to, and hope to pick up a few more retail outlets this year. i am enjoying beading again, and i really never thought i would...

 i will update as pieces are going out to the gallery...

other than that, i am still healing up a bit, i suppose. i was able to go for a fairly lengthy, albeit meandering walk last weekend...

... but this week even the shortest walks have winded me. i think part of it is the heat wave we are experiencing...
i will just have to keep at it, but slowly.

so that is what is going on my little corner of the universe.

i hope everyone is having a great start to their week and here's to a fantastic week ahead!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

paintings and curious characters: a little studio update.....

well, i think i am finally getting back in the groove this week.
i started building armatures for some new doll designs.
it felt good to get my paper clay out again, and let me tell you...that stuff is sooooooo easy to work with after fiddling (i.e. struggling) with that resin!!!
it was like buttah.
anyway...i have about 8 pieces started and i am so excited about them.
they are going to be very folky-vintage.
no more monsters for this gal!!
{alas, not pictures to show just yet}

i have also been painting up a storm...

and i am so beyond thrilled that each of these ladies has already sold!!

and finally, i finished painting, what is, the last of the resin figures to be shipped off today to Stunning Strange in washington for their show Curious Creatures which opens this month...

"snow white, demon child"

"the dragon queen"

i have a few more little critters laying around that i may paint up one day, but, to be quite honest, i think i am done for now with the resin and the monsters.
i'm going back to my first love...vintage ladies, circus performers, and anthropomorphic girls.
it is what is calling me at the moment....

so, that's a little update on what's been going on here the last few days.

i hope everyone is having a great week and here's to a great weekend as well!!