Tuesday, November 20, 2012

busy beading baubles....

oh, it's that time of year. 
getting ready for the holidays...it always sneaks up on me!! i never get as much done as i plan to.
but, i'm trying!!!

i've put the sculpting on hold for the last week so that i can get some jewelry made:

i've just been sewing up a little storm!!
i have to admit, when i just want to zone out and not really have to think about anything, bead embroidery is the perfect thing!! haha!! i've just been sewing and sewing and living off in lala land!! 

i just finished these earrings:

the are about 10mm i suppose. very tiny. 

and this pendant:

which turned out to be waaaay too heavy for that leather cord. but it was a fun experiment anyway....

and here these are being worked on as we speak:

i may have a hard time parting with the one on the right.

i will not be listing any of these in my shop this season, as there are just tooooo many of them, but if you are interested in a piece, i will be offering them on my facebook page.

and, if you are in new orleans, i have work at THE GREEN EYED GATOR on chartres street and at PLUM on magazine street (where i am also working a few days a week, so pop in and say hi!).

i will also be having (possibly) TWO trunk shows here in town. so, yes, i better get back to beading!! haha!!

i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this week!!

until next time,


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

glitter and flocking...

let's see.....there are a few new ladies hanging around the studio today...

meet "ellie and nellie"....

they enjoyed playing together so much, they decided to make it permanent.

they are for a holiday show,so i couldn't help but add a bit of german glass glitter to their party hats.

and the window into their souls shows flying circus banners and red balloons floating away into the clouds. all the makings of a fantastic day!!

this is an as yet untitled piece....

she is a bit simpler than some of the other pieces i've been doing, but i am quite fond of her.

her antlers are my favorite part. they are painted black with a champagne metallic paint overlay. 

this piece is entitled "self portrait with bunny ears"....

she is also for an upcoming holiday show.

her ears are flocked white and her buttons have a bit of clear german glass glitter on them.
at this time of year, it's kind of hard for me to not glitter anything that will stand still!!

and an update on the Magic Sculpt i ordered...i tried it out last night and let's just call it as the disaster it was!! i have no idea how anyone works with that stuff (not to mention it's expensive as hell!!)
it normally takes me about 20 minutes to sculpt one of my doll heads. it took me 20 minutes just to get the Magic Sculpt to look like the guy from SAW
so, i'll take the longer drying time and having to fill in cracks over that any day, thank you very much!! 

and that's all that's going on over here right now. 
just trying to get some pieces ready for the holidays and juggle the two part time jobs i've had to pick up to supplement ye olde income....

have a great week!!!
until next time,


Monday, November 5, 2012

getting dollies and baubles ready for the holly-daze....

as you all know, i've been busy as a little bee the last month. trying to catch up and restock all the wonderful shoppes and galleries that carry my work.

i've really been enjoying working on these little wall hanging dolls...

***the 4 dolls above are available at The Green Eyed Gator here in New Orleans***

this is pretty much the direction my work is going in these days...but, i have had to find a better sculpting medium than the paper clay. it just will not dry over these hand built armatures AND it is cracking like it's nobody's business!! i normally don't have to fill in many cracks on the shelf sitters, but these guys...they have been driving me crazy!! i feel like i've spend the last 2 weeks waiting for stuff to dry and filling in cracks and filling in more cracks. on the recommendation of cassandra at doubleparlour, i am trying magic sculpt. it is a fast drying, very hard resin and i am looking forward to giving it a test run this week. i will still use paper clay for my shelf sitters and ornaments, but for these wall pieces, i need something that dries faster with no cracking....so wish me luck!!

i've also been getting some jewelry together for the 2 shoppes here in new orleans that carry my jewelry designs....

these are all vintage glass cabochons which i have encased in bead embroidery.
i don't make much jewelry any more...sculpting is my primary passion these days, but every once in a while, it's fun to just sit at my bench and zone out sewing and wrapping beads.
i will also have some pieces available through my facebook fan page and if you live in new orleans, i am going to have trunk show sometime between thanksgiving and christmas.

well, i guess that's all i have to share with you this morning.
i just wish i could turn out more work faster.  i feel like i never get enough done...

i hope everyone is having a great start to their week!!

until next time,


Friday, November 2, 2012

where has the magic gone?....

i always get a little down after halloween (and mardi gras).
it feels like all the magic has gone out of the world...
i suppose it hasn't, as A.) i live in new orleans where every day is kind of like halloween and mardi gras, and B.) we make our own magic (or so i'm told)

this year was fairly low-key for us. i just couldn't get in to halloween until the last minute. but we rallied and made it to the quarter to meet up with some friends for a few hours.
i didn't get many pictures, as i was too busy just being....

no, that is not a brain burger....

yes, this is me, in all my glory! haha!

the only "decent" picture of the thriller flash mob at jackson square.

i kind of spaced out later in the evening, as i am finding i am having trouble hearing in crowded situations. something about the pitch of people's voices. 
but, i guess i'll get used to it and figure out how to deal better with it.

all in all, i think we had a nice halloween.

i'm not a big christmas fan, to be quite honest with you, but inspiration has come this year...
so i might as well run with it...

i hope everyone has a great weekend,

until next time,