Saturday, June 23, 2012

new work - steampunk!!

i've been working like a madwoman the last few weeks trying to get some pieces ready for my ETSY shoppe.
it's been soooooo neglected while i got ready for the show in new mexico.
here are a few new items that went up yesterday and really really need forever homes:

the time bandit

ella & emma are already reserved for a lovely customer

frannie -a steampunk tattooed lady




as you can see...i've really gotten into steampunk! you can blame my good friend, ande for this...she turned me on to it last year and got me hooked on the band ABNEY PARK from seattle. i pretty much listen to them when i'm working on my dolls. like, constantly. so, i got inspired to make some steampunk pieces and i have a feeling that a steampunk vibe will probably be present in my work from now least on some level.

so, that's what's been up with me. 
work. work. work.

and i'll post the invite to the show in albuquerque tomorrow...if anyone is in the vicinity, i will be there.
with bells on....

until next time,