Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and they are DONE!!....

well, i never thought i would actually do it ( yes, i had my doubts toward the end), but i FINALLY FINISHED ALL 10 PIECES for the show in albuquerque this july!!!

here are the last 6 pieces....

the dark queen - detail

the dark queen

the pining queen

the pining queen - detail

the queen bee - detail

the queen bee

snow white & rose red

the pink - detail

the pink

i hope you have enjoyed watching this project unfold.
i truly did enjoy working on each and every one of these pieces... but i am happy to be finished!!

i just started on some steampunk doll designs ( the first on i listed on ETSY this afternoon ) and i will share those with you very soon!!

until next time,


Monday, May 21, 2012

will these ever be finished?!!!....

good monday morning, everybody!

i've been a busy little beaver the last week or so....trying to finish the last few pieces for Mariposa Gallery.

this is the "dark queen" WIP... she's not completely finished,
but i am very happy with her, so far!

"snow white" & "rose red" WIP. they are also still not finished. i'm
basically putting off painting the scene in their frames. don't.

and, i started on a few other things, just to keep my mind occupied...

actually, 2 of these are also for the show in NM...but, i swear! i am working
on other things, too!! 

i haven't been as focused as i normally am when working. i feel kind of all over the place.
i spend a lot of time just staring off into space, dreaming of dolls and other pieces i want to make.
dreaming of a better, cleaner work area.

i can give you hint as to what is coming next....
i've really gotten in to this genre over the last year, and i'm finally ready to give it a whirl in my art....

but, that's all i'm saying right now....

i hope everyone has a great week, and i'll have pics of all kinds of new things later this week, so stay tuned!!

until next time,


Friday, May 4, 2012

peek-a-boo, you devil, you...

a new addition to my ETSY shoppe this evening...

thank Grimm it's friday!!


yoga has not stopped my brain from working overtime....

so, i've been pretty busy this week - mostly in the studio.
and i took my first yoga class.
i still hurt.

i felt all twisty and broke afterward...

mostly, i've been thinking...thinking about getting these last "grimm" pieces ready for the show;
thinking about what to work on next; thinking about where i want to take my work; and thinking about whether or not i'm good enough to even continue. 

i know, i really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy what you are doing, but i get cranky when things are going the way i want, and that's when i fall prey to comparison and doubt.
but, luckily, i do recognize these traits within myself and i have the tools to shove those thoughts right out the door.

after i ponder them for a while, of course.

there is a great "pin" going around pinterest that says 

every day i have to remind myself of this.
every. goddamn. day.
but, i think it's sinking in....

anyway...that's what's been on my mind this week.
how about you? do you have doubts about your work? ever want to just turn the whole box upside down, dump out the contents, and start anew?
i might do that, just yet....

i hope everyone has a happy weekend and that we all get to play a bit with our art...

until next time,