Friday, April 27, 2012

oh, this post has no good title....

well, thank Grimm it's friday, is all i can say!
ha ha!
i have today off and am planning on hitting the studio in the next hour or so...but my sinuses are KILLING me this morning and i really just want to go back to bed.
alas, i cannot....

yesterday was kind of a blah day too. i was just miserable at work. wasn't feeling friendly. was, in fact, feeling very sad about the fact that i WAS at work and not in the studio. i have problems with that sometimes....i feel like i've wasted my life working for other people and that my life is half over and i have nothing to show for it. i know that is not REALLY true ( or at least my mister says it is not), but i do feel that way a lot lately, and i'm trying pretty hard to work through it.

one good thing that made me happy yesterday was dropping off a gift to some friends:

i made this little daisy deer girl for the lovely ladies over at RAGING' DAISY here in new orleans. when i started this piece, she told me, without doubt that she was to go to them! and they loved her, so that was a happy part of my day!!

well, i guess i better get moving this morning....slowly....but surely....

do you ever feel like you're wasting time? like you aren't living up to your dreams or goals?
if you work part/full time AND make art to sell.... how do you juggle the tasks?

i hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday, April 20, 2012

miss patches is feeling much better - meow

patches wanted me tell you all that she is feeling much better...

and thanks for the well wishes!


one lone little painting, all alone in a sea of clutter....

one lone little painting .....

this is the only thing i really got finished during my days off this week.
don't get me wrong...i worked on a bunch of other things. but this was the only thing i FINISHED.
i hate days like that. unless i am working toward a goal and EVERYTHING is in a state of unfinishedness.
i've been taking a little break from working on the fairy tale pieces. i guess i kind of burned out from the first batch. but, i will have to start on them next week.

i feel like i am kind of in limbo right now...just piddling around with a few things with no clear goal in mind.
i am trying to get paintings done, beadwork done, some other dolls finished.
it's all a jumbled mess.
 but, i guess that's how the creative process works, from time to time.

how about you? do you burn out on one medium and have to take a break by moving to another? does your work always come out like you've planned? or do you not plan and just fly by the seat of your pants?

i hope everyone has a great weekend. i'm working at my "day job" the next 4 days, but i hope to hit the studio a bit at night...

until next time,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

there's no crying in doll making...

one of my favorite movie lines is that one from "a league of their own"..."there's no crying in baseball!"... that's me this morning.

i woke up edgy and agitated and feeling terribly sad and overwhelmed this morning.
i have a sick tortie to deal with and it's breaking my heart to listen to her snuffle and sneeze, but the vet said it is a cold virus and just needs to run it's course. they gave her an antibiotic and a steroid (eeek!!) for the respiratory infection she had, but the cold is lingering. i'm supposed to watch her and make sure she is eating and drinking (and it would take a pack of wild dogs to drag patches away from her food bowl!), but other than that there is nothing we can do.
poor baby girl.

and her mama is at the end of her rope today too...i haven't been the same since i took that last bout of ear drops with the steroid in it. i've talked to nurses, doctors, pharmacists...all have told me i will fine and it will get out of my system...but i am loosing hope. i read about a woman online who had side effects for a YEAR after taking a steroid for a week. it appears i may be in the same boat. and i'm tired of being tired, angry, shaky, and cry-ey. i am normally a very vibrant, energetic person who is very happy. i feel like shit about half the time energy and i cry at the drop of a hat.
i've been holding it in for a while, but this morning, it just came flooding out.
i guess i didn't sleep very well last night.
and i dreamed a mean woman was making fun of my pink underwear. 
(i have no picture to represent that, by the way....)

there IS NO CRYING in doll making, so i have to suck it up and get on back to the studio.

 i've been working on some new pieces and working on some new paintings. and i like the direction they are taking.
so, off i go....

until next time....


Monday, April 16, 2012

today, i want to run away with...

ahh...monday. the most dreaded of days.
and taxes are due tomorrow. this year, mine were not pretty.
but we will not talk about that right now.
*sad face*
suffice it to say, that today, i would really really really love to run away with a band of gypsy circus performers.
wanderers. nomads. illusionists....

what about you? do you want to come with?

hope everyone has a great week!!

until next time,


Friday, April 13, 2012

why i haven't been around much lately...

the last 6 weeks or so has seen me hunkered down in my studio, frantically working on the first 5 out of 10 pieces i have planned for a show at mariposa gallery in albuquerque this summer.
i've been hesitant to show pics, but i sent the first photos to the gallery yesterday, and they put a little preview up on their facebook page, so i thought, what the hay! it's about time i let these gals loose and let them soar out into the world...
here they are, in all their cracked glory:

"briar rose"
and let me tell you...putting all those thorns on her...WHAT was i thinking!? 
ha ha! but i was very happy with the way she turned out!

"into the woods"
a bigger version of a piece i've toyed with before. she is my favorite out of all of these, so far....

"mirror, mirror"
the hardest piece to paint, but worth it in the long run.

"little red"
she's tricky, little red. not what she seems, but i love her cape! 

yeah, i realize i'm not that original on titles, but hey! i think simple is better.

so, i hope you enjoy seeing them. i have definitely enjoyed working on them. 
and there's 6 more to go...if you count the one patches broke on wednesday. it is in the studio being repaired.

these have been the most detailed pieces i've done to date.
 it's been fun to look at my how my work has progressed-- from when i first started working with paper clay and making little busts, to these pieces. what a difference 2 years makes! i think i'm getting better. i hope i'm getting better....

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
for me, unfortunately, i have to go back to work at my part time job.
i wish i could be in the studio full time, but alas....

until next time,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just a teensy tinsy peek....

just one little sneaky peek at a piece from my upcoming show in albuquerque.
i've worked for the last 6 weeks on 5 of the 10 pieces i have planned.
this is a side view of "briar rose". i'll post more pics close to show time.

as i was getting ready to photograph them, patches, my tortie kitty, tried to be ever so helpful and actually broke one of my lights for my lightbox AND one of the dolls. luckily it was a small piece and only her crown got a little dented. i can fix it. but, still, i cried....

i'm off to take more pictures today. 
i wasn't happy with the ones i took yesterday.

until next time,


Saturday, April 7, 2012

some bead embroidery {for a change}....

hello everyone!
it's a gorgeous, slightly hot saturday here in the big sleazy.

i've been working away at quite a number of things this last week, but today i'm going to share a few beaded embroidery necklaces and earrings with you...

it's been kind of nice to get back to beading a bit these last few weeks.
each of these little (and not so little) beauties will be going to PLUM, right here in good ole new orleans some time next week.

what are you working on this weekend?

until next time,


Friday, April 6, 2012

boho beaded pendant por moi....

after i discovered paper clay and doll making 2 years ago, i guessed i would never return to my first crafty obsession, which was beadwork. 
but i have. 
off and on....

i don't do the big, woven pieces that i made for so many years, but i still dabble in bead embroidery.
here is a necklace i made myself a few weeks back.

have a happy friday, everybody!!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

black cats and party monsters...

happy thursday, everybody!
i have another full day in the studio planned. 
the dolls for the show at MARIPOSA GALLERY are coming along nicely.
{although, to be honest, i am full of fear and doubt that they are not good enough....}

i realized i have some pieces that i haven't shared with you, so i thought i would do that today:

this little gal has been available through SPOOKYTIME JINGLES but will be moving into my ETSY shoppe today. 

i thought she was cute, but so far, no takers....

i also tried my hand at making little monsters:

i call him my party monster! ha ha!
he is also available in my ETSY shoppe. for now....

and that's it for me today, i guess.
gotta get motoring....

until next time,


Wednesday, April 4, 2012