Tuesday, January 31, 2012

finished, listed, packed, and ready to go...

i wasn't planning on posting anything today, but since i got these finished and photographed...well! what the hay!
here they are...

 "eternal love" is available in my EtSy ShOpPe...

"flora" is going to a fantabulous local store here in NOLA--rAgiN' dAiSy....

so is "valentinia"...

check out these ta-ta's! ha ha!

i'll have some more ready soon...specifically some wee witches and what not for the february SpookyTime Jingles update.

until next time,


Sunday, January 29, 2012

new antler girl WIP and a day of the dead wall hanging mask...

good evening, everybody!
how was your weekend?
mine was pretty good...
the weather was too pretty on saturday for me to stay indoors and work, so i played and planned my mardi gras costume.
but, i have been working. i swear!

here's a sneaky-peak at a few things i'm getting ready to paint...

this is going to be a day of the dead wall hanging. i'm super excited to see how it turns out aaaand i have more designs planned already!

another antler-girl and yes, another day of the dead lady. sorry, i just can't get enough!

close up of heart and flowers. she's sooooo flowery, this one!

even has flowers in her hair!

antler-girl has flowers too. she does live in the woods, after all....

i hope to have these painted by mid week. 

until next time,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a little tromp around my studio...

good evening, everybody!
i'm a little late getting this posted today...whew! what a day! and not necessarily in a good way.
i'm fighting through a mess o' nastiness that doesn't even bode mentioning here, but i did not fall into a depresso funk like i wanted to this afternoon. no ma'am. i came home from said unpleasantness and went right in to the studio. i was proud of myself. but i really wanted to just go get drunk.

i had a little visit from my friend, kalaya today as well. i always love it when she comes over to sit with me in my studio and talk artsyphartsy things. i don't have a lot of that in my life and any time i can talk to other crafters, is cherished joyous time!

so, today i wanted to take you all for a little tromp around my work space. it's no where near as perfect as i would like, but it is functional and i guess that's what counts!

and away we go!!!.....

.....since i don't have a lot of room and i do have two cats, the dolls - finished and unfinished - all live bunched up on a shelf. the kittehs have been known to climb up there ( when we got back from ireland, there were dolls on the floor. it was the one time i was thankful for the ugly carpeting), but mostly the jumbled mess keeps them discouraged.....

here are a few of my favorite pieces. the stargazer is mine; i got the Gizmo at a store here in new orleans; and the Tooth Fairy doll is by Kerry Kate of OctoberEffigies. she was the first art doll i ever bought....

and here are some more of my favorite pieces: the Happy Halloween box is by Cheetah Cheetah on Etsy     ; my friend, kalaya gave me the paper mache skelly; the Marie Antoinette card is by my friend, Wendy; and the two plushies are by my friend, Jessica King of CuteandCreepy.

another piece i just picked up over the holidays by another friend, Michele Lynch, hung on our tree until just recently, and now it has moved into the studio. hopefully he'll keep patches from chewing on these mardi gras beads!.....

my pencils are being attached by a giant squid!! aiiiighhh....

here is a bigger view of the shelving unit with all the dolls crammed on it.  actually one of my more brilliant ideas were the containers for my styro balls. much nicer to look at than used boxes!.....

behold! my baahrilliant idear:.....

i {sometimes, unfortunately} share the space with my significant other, who is, being a male, a bit of a slob. so i'm not going to show you the view i have to look at every day. instead, here is the lovely view he has from his side of the table. enhanced, i am sure, by the sight of me, his beloved, making wonderful art....

an unfinished journal page....

the queen, high up on her perch...

and cash, being ever so helpful by sitting on my paintbrushes....

so, that's the tour for today.  i wish my space was more exciting, roomier, prettier, funkier, and more inspiring, but it is mine {sort of} and i do get work done most of the time!

are you happy with your work space? 

i hope everyone is having a great wednesday!

until next time,


Monday, January 23, 2012

oscar wilde and a work table...

monday! monday!
back to the day job daily grind!
i had the EnTirE WeeKeNd off and it was aaaamazing.
except for that laundry part. that was not fun. but clean sheets are always so lovely in the end!

here's a shot of a few noggins i got started yesterday....

i always start with the head. face first, that's my motto!! then hair and whatever else (except hats. hats get sculpted separately then attached last). then i build the body and attach the neck and head. it's probably bass-ackwards, but that's how i roll!

i keep {at the present time} 2 sketchbooks/journals with inspiration and sketches close at hand. one i just finished and one i just started.
i spent the weekend pouring over them, looking for inspiration or ideas i haven't tried yet...

there always seems to be an oscar wilde quote nearby, as well.
i love oscar wilde. did i show you this pic of oscar and i from dublin when we were there this summer?

i know. northface! really? but, man, it was cold!

so, yes, i have to go to my day job today. i wish i wish i dream i wish i could be in the studio today. alas, the bills must be paid!
but, i'm taking my sketchbook. tee hee!

until next time,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

please allow me to {re}introduce myself...

hello and welcome {back} to my little blog:
meandering along the midway!!

i would like to welcome all of you who came over from Yellow Flower. I have loved getting to know all of you and i have missed you these last few months.
i know it's been a very long time since i've stopped in and probably even longer since i checked in with you all at your own blogs.
the end of 2011 was a little busy and a little odd...

so, i am hoping and planning to reconnect with many of you that i have lost touch with these last few months.

for those of you who are new here, i'm amber {hi!} and i am a doll and mixed media artist living in new orleans.
my last blog, Yellow Flower started out as a way for me to deal with the shit job i had at the time, morphed into a jewelry blog ( what i was doing at the time. what i had been doing for over 10 years) and then again, morphed into my mixed media and doll blog after i discovered the wonder that is paper clay! late last year i made the decision to move Yellow Flower to this blog ( i thought it would make it easier for folks to find me),--- and i must admit, things did not go as planned! 
again, for those of you who have made the move with me....thank you and welcome back!! 
me love you long time.

so, now i have a new blog {with all the old posts--in case you want to catch up!} and a new year, and a bunch of new stuff on the horizon!
so, for starters, i will catch you up on what's been going on with me....

first of all, at the end of november i developed a seriously annoying sinus infection and ear issue. my doctor prescribed prednisone and antibiotics for it, and like a fool, i took them! i had MAJOR reaction to the prednisone - my blood pressure shot up to 160 over 90, my face broke out, i was dizzy and lightheaded, & my blood sugar crashed. i had these symptoms for 15 days after i stopped taking the pills, and although my blood pressure went back to normal (it took 20 days to do so), my face is still broken out. 

so, my holidays were not as pleasant as i had hoped.
although i am still having some side effects off and on, i think i am on the mend. 
i HOPE i am on the mend!

even with all this going on (i could barely get out of bed and had to hold on to the wall to walk in the house) i did manage to make and sell a butt load of these little day of the dead ornaments:

and i will be offering more of them in my EtSy shoppe very shortly.

since the first of the year, i've been having a blast working on these little paintings:

they are also available in my EtSy shoppe (and are veeery affordable, i might add).

and of course, i'm still working on my circus sideshow dolls:

this is "the illusionist". she was inspired by the novel THE NIGHT CIRCUS. looooved that book!

i also joined SpookyTime Jingles at the end of last year and there i am offering a sweetly spooky blend of halloween and circus dolls and ornaments on their site:

i have a lot of things i want to share with you in the upcoming year....
i'd like to start a monthly giveaway of a little goody bag of some of my work; share some of my growing art doll and plush collection as well as some other interesting finds i've been lucky enough to get my grubby little paws on; feature some of my favorite artists and crafters and what makes them tick; and of course, continue to try and convince everyone that my two cats, patches and cash are the cutest kittehs evah!

but, all in good time.
i'm also trying to stop and smell the roses a little more.
i really do work too much!

so, i hope you will {re}join me on my little artistic meanderings.....

until next time,