Tuesday, November 20, 2012

busy beading baubles....

oh, it's that time of year. 
getting ready for the holidays...it always sneaks up on me!! i never get as much done as i plan to.
but, i'm trying!!!

i've put the sculpting on hold for the last week so that i can get some jewelry made:

i've just been sewing up a little storm!!
i have to admit, when i just want to zone out and not really have to think about anything, bead embroidery is the perfect thing!! haha!! i've just been sewing and sewing and living off in lala land!! 

i just finished these earrings:

the are about 10mm i suppose. very tiny. 

and this pendant:

which turned out to be waaaay too heavy for that leather cord. but it was a fun experiment anyway....

and here these are being worked on as we speak:

i may have a hard time parting with the one on the right.

i will not be listing any of these in my shop this season, as there are just tooooo many of them, but if you are interested in a piece, i will be offering them on my facebook page.

and, if you are in new orleans, i have work at THE GREEN EYED GATOR on chartres street and at PLUM on magazine street (where i am also working a few days a week, so pop in and say hi!).

i will also be having (possibly) TWO trunk shows here in town. so, yes, i better get back to beading!! haha!!

i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this week!!

until next time,



Nichola said...

Those are gorgeous! I've decided that I will no longer wear PJ's past 11am and will instead get dressed and put on fancy lady jewels!

Connie said...

WOW!!! You amaze me!
These are marvelous:)
Happy Holidays.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Amber Leilani Middleton said...

thank you so much, ladies! sorry, i've been neglecting my little blog here to deal with the holidays...but i'll be back soon!! and i have sooooo much in store for next year and a big ole dollie something in february!! yay! have a happy holiday!!!