Monday, August 27, 2012

the irony of nature, WIP shots, and a silly kitty...

good monday morning everybody!

unless you live under a rock, i guess you know that new orleans is bracing itself for hurricane Isaac. this little bastard is scheduled to hit on august 29th....the 7th year anniversary of katrina.
a lot of folks are panicking AND the news media is having a field day.
it's going to make landfall on or near us as either a category 1 or 2 hurricane.
katrina was a 5 and made landfall as a 3 (i believe). 
this is NOT katrina.
but, if you want to have a little fun with all the doomsday predictions, i highly recommend this page:
absolutely hilarious!!
the mister, the kitties, and i are staying. hunkering down. hoping for the best....

in other words, i worked on some new day of the dead pieces this weekend:

they have a little more work to be done before i can paint them.

and finally, mr. cash is such a silly goose. but he did hold still long enough for me to get these pictures of him on saturday....

that's his hurricane Isaac face!! ha ha!

well, keep your fingers and toes crossed for us here in the big sleazy.

until next time,



yoborobo said...

Hope you're staying dry! I love your cat. We have two black cats, and I just love their faces. Those eyes! :) More Day of the Dead art from you is always a good thing! xox

Christina J. said...

I've been reading about the storm and hoping you all are safe and dry.

Kalaya Steede said...

Mr. Cash is sooooo funny!!! I LOVE him! Your pieces are looking great. I'm guessing you will be finished painting about now, huh? XO