Friday, August 24, 2012

missing the desert....

oh, new orleans. 
once the love of my life, i'm afraid our love affair has slowly dwindled over the last year or so.
we have grown apart. don't be sad. it happens. we just don't have much in common any more.
you have plenty of new folks moving in. 
and a jamba juice.
i'm not sure you need me anymore. 
and let's be honest, i'm tired of spending my summers in a haze of hair frizz and cones of uncertainty...

i have to be honest with you, for some time now, i've been feeling the call of the west...

yes, i know there is no place on earth like new orleans, but i also know there is no place on earth like the american west.... you may or may not know that i lived in tucson from 1994-1996, and it is a place that has stayed in my heart..... always. 

when the mister and i went out to new mexico in july, it was like i had come home...

and i've been thinking about going back. permanently.

unfortunately, that is not going to happen any time soon.
but a girl can dream, right?! 
so, as we hunker down this weekend and wait for isaac to pick a spot, i may just loose myself in day dreams of wide open skies and gorgeous bright hues...

and of course.... very good salsa!!

and tamales...

great. now i'm hungry!

until next time,


1 comment:

yoborobo said...

Love the architecture, the food, and the colors. It's on my wish list, too. I'm from that part of the country and I miss it.