Wednesday, August 22, 2012

letting it go and living a creative life....

good morning, dear readers!

it's the first of 4 whole days i have off in a row...and it could NOT have come fast enough!!
i cherish every single moment i get with my art in my little cave of a studio.

it's not much, you know, but it is mine....

i haven't been terribly motivated lately. to tell you the truth, i've just been being and thinking. i tend to be a bit of an over-thinker- in case you hadn't noticed! and i'm always so focused on the future - on the big goal - that i forget to live.
i've been working on that. 

it's really the little things in life that count....

we all know that. and if you don't, there's a pinterest board to remind you, i'm sure!  ha ha!! but, i am moste guilty of forgetting the little things. i focus on the big ones: deadlines; studio time; how i just sit and stare off in to space for 8 wasted hours at my day job; the goddamn dishes that need to be washed; etc, etc. and i don't look around and smell the roses very often.

i constantly complain to my mister that i have no artistic support group here in town. i know exactly one (1) artist who i hang out with regularly. but, when my friends want to see me, i'm always telling them "i'm working". truthfully, that is no way to live. and i am slowly realizing it.

as much as i love making art and as much as i want to be in more shows and more galleries, i still have to do what's right for me. stop. relax. enjoy the ride.

i haven't been enjoying making art for a few months now. i've been looking at it as work. i mean, yes, it IS's one of my jobs and i have to work hard to keep it going. but, i want to enjoy it as well. if you don't enjoy what you do...what's the point?! at least, that is how i have always felt. i've never taken a desk job or made a career for myself with a day job because my art and creative freedom were always more important to me.

 i would rather work some silly retail job for $10 an hour and not have to think about it when i get home. i would rather make art. 

i let the dishes go. the cat fur pile up. i grow science experiments from time to time in the fridge. all in the name of being able to sit at my little table in the evenings and on my days off and make something from nothing.

***i made the doll. not the cat!***

i saw a great picture and quote on facebook last week that i just loved:

***"I've never liked housework. I get by doing little chores when I feel like them, in between paintings. Who wants to chase dust all their life? You can spend your whole lifetime cleaning the house. I like watching the patina grow. If the house looks dirty, buy another bunch of flowers, is my advice." Margaret Olley***

isn't that wonderful!!!??!! i love to watch the patina grow too...

 it really got me to thinking about living a creative life, and how i can really pump up the volume on mine!! i don't have any answers yet...but i sure am enjoying the journey. or at the very least, i am trying and starting to again.
some days i am a walking radioehead song.
others i see fairies and gypsies and magic.
i want to see more magic.

so, with all that rambling aside, it's time for me to shower and head off to buy some art supplies today. money be damned! i need certain items and i WILL have them, by god!! ha ha!!

so, how do you keep your creative spirit alive? do you enjoy every second of every day? do you see magic in the mundane?
and do you have any tips for this struggling artist?

until next time,


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yoborobo said...

I know how that feels, when the art begins to feel like work and it loses the magic. It's the same with writing. When that damn editor sits on my shoulder and tells me how to write. Living in the moment is so hard, but I am starting to let myself do it. Maybe it's one of those gifts of getting older - I'm not as inclined to jump on the gerbil wheel. I'm glad you have this break (and new supplies!). Have fun. I have said this before, but I truly love your work. xox!