Thursday, August 9, 2012

i haven't really felt like talking...

yes, it has been way too long since i've checked in here.
yes, i am aware it is MY blog, but still...
i just haven't felt like talking. 

i can't explain why this happens to me, but it does.
so, now that i am over my self imposed seclusion, let me catch you up on what's been going on for the last 2 months...if you are still here and still interested....

first off, the mister and i went out to albuquerque for the opening of COLLECTIVE WONDERS at Mariposa Gallery

my work was shown alongside the wonderful Jim Kopp and Susan Skinner

it was a fantastic show and i got to meet several lovely ladies who have been collecting my work and one of whom has become a friend thanks to facebook.

we also had an absolute lovely time visiting the city of albuquerque. it made me reeaaaallly miss the west and i've been on the mister quite a bit for us to move back out that way. we'll see what our future holds.

oh, and i got to visit kathie olivas's store and she signed my little toy i bought there....

when we returned home, however, is when i collapsed into a funk the size of texas and i am just now coming out of it. i can't explain why or how this happens to me, but it often does. and, i am finding that i am not the only creative person who deals with these ups and downs.

to be honest, i turn on myself. i am a walking radiohead song: sometimes, i give myself the creeps.
i've had plenty to do. and i do mean plenty. but, i could not bring myself to do it.  i was about as interested in making art as i was in drowning in pool of my own vomit. actually, at one point, that didn't sound too bad. my muse left me. i walked around thinking " what's the point" and all that bullshit that we tell ourselves when things aren't going the way we'd like them to. i wouldn't talk to anybody. i cried a bit. it was bad.
but, i finally pulled out of it about a week ago and started creating again. 

here are some pieces that are available at a new gallery in the french quarter here in new orleans:

and now i am working on a commission/redo of a piece i made last year and i'm working on some pieces to go to a show i was invited to be a part of in september. all in all, feeling much more like myself and working hard at keeping all those creative doubts at bay.

i can't guarantee that i won't slip into depressofunkland and drop out of sight again, but with the holidays fast approaching, i'm hoping i'll be too busy making day of the dead ornaments to notice any type of negativity.

i hope everyone has been doing well and i would LOVE to hear from you! 
yes, now i feel like chatting...

until next time,



yoborobo said...

Maybe we are twins separated at birth. Only you're cuter. :)) I get that way, too. The bluesy thing. I don't want to make art. I don't want to write. I don't want to make dinner. I'm too busy having a "Kick myself in the butt" marathon! Weee! Anyway, I'm very glad you're back and I adore all your art. xox!

Amber Leilani Middleton said...

yeah, i am very very good at it and i seem to be getting better!! it HAS to stop...i have so many things i need to be doing!! at least i know i'm not alone - ha ha! maybe next time we have one of these bouts we can get together and sort it out!!

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto. I have the creative depressofunk disease too. Very glad to see your great post, you : ) , and your new works. They are fantastic! Yes, keep the blues at bay and keep on goin girl!!!