Friday, April 13, 2012

why i haven't been around much lately...

the last 6 weeks or so has seen me hunkered down in my studio, frantically working on the first 5 out of 10 pieces i have planned for a show at mariposa gallery in albuquerque this summer.
i've been hesitant to show pics, but i sent the first photos to the gallery yesterday, and they put a little preview up on their facebook page, so i thought, what the hay! it's about time i let these gals loose and let them soar out into the world...
here they are, in all their cracked glory:

"briar rose"
and let me tell you...putting all those thorns on her...WHAT was i thinking!? 
ha ha! but i was very happy with the way she turned out!

"into the woods"
a bigger version of a piece i've toyed with before. she is my favorite out of all of these, so far....

"mirror, mirror"
the hardest piece to paint, but worth it in the long run.

"little red"
she's tricky, little red. not what she seems, but i love her cape! 

yeah, i realize i'm not that original on titles, but hey! i think simple is better.

so, i hope you enjoy seeing them. i have definitely enjoyed working on them. 
and there's 6 more to go...if you count the one patches broke on wednesday. it is in the studio being repaired.

these have been the most detailed pieces i've done to date.
 it's been fun to look at my how my work has progressed-- from when i first started working with paper clay and making little busts, to these pieces. what a difference 2 years makes! i think i'm getting better. i hope i'm getting better....

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
for me, unfortunately, i have to go back to work at my part time job.
i wish i could be in the studio full time, but alas....

until next time,



Christina J. said...

I love, love, love Briar Rose! But, really I love them all! It's been so great to see how you've developed as an artist in this medium. I hope you can fix the one that Patches broke. Those torties are nothing but trouble! :)

Rachel said...

Wow these are gorgeous. Into The Woods is my favourite but it was difficult to choose just one, they are all fab!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dolls! The mirror are my favorite.
Broken? Ok, a new chalenge. You can fix it :-)
One day at a time: pratice makes perfect. Congratulations, 2 yers!