Sunday, January 29, 2012

new antler girl WIP and a day of the dead wall hanging mask...

good evening, everybody!
how was your weekend?
mine was pretty good...
the weather was too pretty on saturday for me to stay indoors and work, so i played and planned my mardi gras costume.
but, i have been working. i swear!

here's a sneaky-peak at a few things i'm getting ready to paint...

this is going to be a day of the dead wall hanging. i'm super excited to see how it turns out aaaand i have more designs planned already!

another antler-girl and yes, another day of the dead lady. sorry, i just can't get enough!

close up of heart and flowers. she's sooooo flowery, this one!

even has flowers in her hair!

antler-girl has flowers too. she does live in the woods, after all....

i hope to have these painted by mid week. 

until next time,