Friday, September 30, 2011

getting in the spirit...

happy friday morning, everybody!
ha's getting very close to my favorite time of year....halloween and dia de los muertos.

i have no idea what i'm going to be this year for halloween, but i'm giving some serious consideration to a day of the dead theme.

last year i was a doll:

that's what we call recycling, here in nola--the conglomeration of several year's worth of costumes into one!
it may be the same this year...

i have been working on  A LOT of day of the dead pieces.
my most favorite so far are these little 2.5" ornies:

i got a chance to experiment with doll hair and i really quite enjoyed it!
these little darlings are going to be at RAGIN' DAISY here in nola by early next week...

i've also been working on a little pumpkin queen doll:

this is penelope. she only haunts the midway on all hallow's eve...

you can find penelope in my ETSY shoppe.

i guess that's about it for today.
so many ideas running rampant in my little noggin...who knows what will come out next!!

well, i'm off to have lunch with mah boo.

have a great weekend, everybody!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

welcome! welcome! to our new home...

bonjour, everybody!
i am so glad you decided to follow us all over here to our new home at meandering along the midway!
and if you are just now finding us, welcome!

i have been working on a few new pieces that i wanted to share with you today....

the seer

ruby, the cooch-show girl

penelope, the pumpkin queen...

i've had so much fun working on these - especially penlope and ruby! i've been wanting to do cooch-show girls for a while, and i finally just jumped in and did it! i am re-vamping their bodies so they have hips, but since most of my experiments never really work out, we won't hold our breath, ok!?!

mostly i've been working on a bunch of day of the dead pieces for several shows i'm in in october.
and, as always, my faithful minion, cash is by my side...

i'll have those pics soon, i promise!

so, i guess it's back to work for both of us! that lion tamer isn't going to paint himself...



Friday, September 16, 2011

this blog is made for moving...

good friday morning, everyone!

i've been busy as a bee getting ready for a couple of day of the dead shows i was invited to over the next month. i hope to have some good pics to show you of the pieces very soon...

but, the reason i am here this morning it to let everyone know that i am moving YELLOW FLOWER to a new blog....

it'll be basically the same thing, but with a different URL.

it's something i've wanted to do for a while and i finally got up the nerve. i haven't tried to export this blog yet, and there is a pretty good chance it could all go to hell in a hand basket, but i've got to try.
so, if you loose me here...that's where i'll be.
the change will (hopefully) take place over the weekend.

i hope you will all follow me over to my new address.

and have a great great friday!!