Wednesday, April 27, 2011

jessica, you rock!! my monster comes to live via jessica king of cuteandcreepy...

there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing one of your visions come to life...

above is the finished product of our monster by jessica over at cuteandcreepy
below is the drawing i sent her...

she did an amazingly fantabulous job ( which i knew she would, of course!)
this has just been so much fun and so thrilling for me!!
i've never had so much fun as i have over the last few weeks working on collaborations and talking about working on collaborations!
bring on more!!!
they are keeping me sane....

check out jessica's blog for more pics.
you rock, girl!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

the becoming of the oomoo - finale - collaboration with chris davies of floatingwoo....

so, i'm up kind of early this morning to bring you the final chapter in the becoming of the oomoo... my collaboration with chris davies of floatingwoo:

it took a lot longer than i had expected for my oomoo to become what she was meant to be.
she was a little persnickety, i must say. hard to work with.
no matter what i had planned for her, she had her own idea of who she was.
very determinded are the oomoo....

and, as fate would have it, turns out my oomoo was a girl after all...see her lovely pink bloomers?

face on, she is a bit solemn, but trust me, underneath that stern exterior, lies the heart of a happy oomoo!

her becoming stage is over, and now she can sit back, relax, and enjoy all that life offers!

i want to give a huge, big ole thanks to chris for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful collaboration!
it has been a thrill to work on his sculpture and make it my own! i may be addicted! i may need more oomoo's...

i've been a little sidetracked with my job and trying to hold my house together ( laundry does seems to multiply, i swear ) and i haven't been in the studio anywhere near as much as i would like since going back to work...
but i'll get there!
truth be told, i've thought about just throwing in the towel, but i just haven't been able to commit to it. i guess i need to make things.

i have a new project in the works that i will share with you this week... but my mister's big four - oh is coming up and we have several big parties and dinners planned, so i may only be able to drop in here for a minute or two... but i will stop by!

i hope that everyone has a wonderful, joy filled week!

{{and if you would like to give an oomoo a new home, let me know!!}}



Saturday, April 23, 2011

monsters, muses, and a myriad of other things...

if you've been following along the last few weeks, you know that i have mentioned having some collaborations in the works...

i've been painting one of chris davie's oomoo sculptures ( still not know how it is when something is almost done, but you know it needs just one more little thing...), working with amanda and james from flex family arts to turn some of my dollies into patterns and ooak's of their amazing embroidery, talking to brienna pruce about her painting one of my dolls and maybe me finishing one of her paintings ( which scares me to death as she is an brilliant painter and i'm more like a 5 year old! ), and i drew up some monstery monsters for jessica over at cuteandcreepy...

i can't sew for shit, but i love plushies, so i was thrilled when jess said she would love to have some monster drawings...and i can't wait to see how they turn out!! you know they will be cute and creepy... hee hee hee!

there aren't words enough to tell you what joy all this is bringing me. i've had very few artistic friends in my life, and collaborating is something i've always longed even though my own muse has been slinking away to dark corners and being a bit of recluse, i know she is out there and will return full force very soon... how can she stay away with all this wonderful creative energy floating around?!

the mister and i have friends in town this weekend and are going to go bike shopping for me again ( the huffy cruiser just did not work for me. waaaay to big. i wiped out in traffic one day because my feet didn't hit the ground...) so, i'm looking for a smaller, more amber- friendly bike...wish me luck! i did love riding it, i just hated starting and stopping. why don't they make bikes smaller? not everyone is 5'11", you know....and if i have to buy a kid's bike, i will. i'm not above rocking a hello kitty one if that's what it takes!

so, i bid you adieu and hope everyone has a bright and shiny weekend!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

little snippets of new work and more collaborative efforts moving forward....

thanks so much to everyone who stopped by yesterday to take a look at the becoming of the oomoo!
i am almost finished and i think the big reveal will be tomorrow or friday...

i have a few other dollies in the works...

but they have both been sitting on my work station, waiting and waiting to be finished for over a week.
i just don't know what to do with them.
finicky little things they are...

for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to chris davie's post about the first round of collaborations with his wonderful wonderful oomoo's; and a sneaky peeky at what i've got cooking with amanda and james over at flex family arts...

here's hoping today is faaaaar better than yesterday, which was a scotch on the rocks kind of day...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

floatingwoo collaboration part ii .... and why i need a few more hours in every day....

happy tuesday everybody!

wow, where did my weekend go?
oh yeah... i spent it on the couch watching king arthur (mad mikkelsen...yum!) and law & order (linus roache...double yum!) and generally feeling like ass.
i pulled a muscle in my neck ( or slept wrong or something ) and i think i was fighting off a bug, so saturday was a bust, art wise.

sunday i got called in to work on my day off. more money for yours truly, but another craft day bit the dust.
i have to get some earrings ready for a local shop to have for jazz fest, and i am just not feeling the love. it's got to be done however, so tonight's the, i really do need a few more hours in every day....

i got started on my oomoo last week....

he is coming along and i think he's just about done! the above pics are of the very beginning of the painting process.
i'm going to tweak him a bit tonight and i hope to have a finished product to show you later this week!
yay for oomoo's!!
this one was particularly hard to read. he was all over the place.
i will tell you more of his becoming story when i post my finished pictures...

on a happier note than my recent exhaustion and inability to focus on anything but the telly...i do have several more collaborations with different artists in the works and i am sooooo very excited about each of them! 

i have implemented a new plan for staying awake when i get home from work... caffeine! an iced chai around 2pm seems to be doing the trick...
i don't want to let my fellow collaborators down, but man, i've been moving slowly the last few weeks.

so, that's what's going on here....

hope everyone is having a good one! 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

collaboration with chris davies of floatingwoo...part I

today i am over the top excited to share something new with you...

i am collaborating on a piece with chris davies of floatingwoo!!

chris is an artist living in los angeles. his work is very bold and graphic, and, like me he enjoys seeing each piece come alive as he is working on it.

chris was ever so generous to offer several of his "oomoo" sculptures to members of our ETSY UGLY CUTE team, and yours truly was fortunate enough to snap one up immediately!! there are 5 of us, so far collaborating with chris! his sculptures are travelling the world!

the oomoo is "cast in a modified gypsum based material, used in high quality sculpture, it is extremely durable, looks and feels like porcelain, and is very paintable."

and now i have my very own oomoo to dress up as i see fit!!!

mine has already spoken to me and told me what it wants to be....but you know how fickle oomoo's are.
 it could change it's mine halfway through the becoming stage...

i am sooooo excited to be a part of this collaborative process and i can't wait to see what my fellow EUC members do with theirs as well.

i will be sharing my process with you all over the coming weeks and of course the finished product will be available...

so stay tuned!!

have a great thursday everybody!!


ps... here is a link to brienna pruces' collaboration with floatingwoo as well....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

hey ETSY! thanks for the love....

there i am yesterday afternoon, minding me own beeswax and i get a convo from dawn telling me that i am on the ETSY blog for their keep it weird series!
bout time, ETSY.
oh, did i say that out loud?
'scuse me. i haven't had much sleep.

i was totally stoked, to say the least.
and i want to thank everyone who stopped by the shoppe and showed some lurve to

i'm hoping someone will take them off my hands soon.
they are a couple of trouble makers and don't get a along with the rest of the troupe.
most especially the tattooed lady...although to be honest, she is a bit uppity...

y'all have a shiny, bright weekend!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

playing around, rambling, and trying to find my inner child...

so, i'm sitting around this morning waiting to go to my first full day at my new day job...

i'm trying to keep in mind some advice i came across last week.
it's hard.
i would rawther be in the studio...
but these bills ain't gonna pay themselves!

but, i did get a little studio time in sunday and monday and i have some new dolls in different stages of progress...

these are the dolls i've been wanting to make, but on some level have been afraid to do so.
i can't explain it.
it just is.

i have a vision in my head of monster-girl goth dolls.
i used to draw monsters a lot when i was a kid and i've been thinking about those drawings quite a bit lately.
with all the changes that are going on in my life right now, i guess i'm feeling the need to get back in touch with my inner child a bit.
freedom of imagination. less stress. more joy.....

i've just been playing and experimenting...and it seems like i am going back to the way my faces looked
when i first started messing with the clay:

{{scuse the cracks...she's gotta be cleaned up a bit}}

...and i think i like them better. but, we'll see how they look finished.
of course, hair would be nice too!

that's it for me today.
just rambling along...

have a great week everybody!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

a little sweet, a little windows to the soul art doll, delilah

happy sunday afternoon, everybody!

today i want to share some pics of delilah, the latest in my series of beautiful tattooed ladies...

you may or may not know, that i am in fact, a tattooed lady --- although it's only one tattoo...but i dream of being covered almost completely on my upper right torso. mr. b will probably put the kibosh on that i am sure!

anyway...i love making and painting the tattooed ladies and illustrated men. i always try to make the "ink" look very vintage...using a small color palette. each design is always unique. and always so much fun to create!

delilah, however did give me some fits.
she is a bit sweet...

 but also a bit sour...

i had to paint over her twice before she was happy with her "ink"!

she is happy now.
i think.
it's hard to tell with delilah...

delilah is a mixed media art doll curio sculpture and she stands about 4" wide x about 6.5" high.

i hope you enjoyed seeing her progress as much as i enjoyed making her....

have a great afternoon,


Saturday, April 2, 2011

♥♥♥GIVEAWAY♥♥♥ this week only in my ETSY shoppe...

i want to make more dolls. i have oodles of new ideas.and necklaces. there are vintage cabs waiting to be embellished.
 i am totally running out of room in my studio!!!!!!!!!!!

i HAVE GOT TO clear out some space...
so, i'm having a little special in my ETSY shoppe this week:

from sat april 2 - sun april 10, with any purchase in my shoppe you will receive one free wee witch art doll:

and check this out...i have 16 listings in my shoppe and i have 16 witches looking for homes...coincidence? perhaps....

so, if you've had your eye on something and you want to give a lonely witch a good home, pop on over.

i hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


Friday, April 1, 2011

it's friday, i'm in love...

holy weird weather batman!
it's the first day of april {no april fool's day shenanigans, pleeease} and i had the heater on last night...
what in the day after tomorrow is up with this weird weather!
i was semi-pedicured and ready to rock my flops.
perhaps it will warm up this weekend....

so, i started training at my new day job this week and i like it very much!
it's a jewelry store {big surprise!} and i have a feeling it is going to be dangerous working there...
when i'm all settled in {ie past my training period and what not} i will give you the scoop so you can see all of their beautiful lovelies for yourselves.

i tried to take some pictures yesterday of 3 more pendants i wanted to list in the ETSY shoppe, but it was sooooo gloomy in the house that no matter what i did, the pictures came out drab and blurry. i will try again this weekend.

i did, however get a few halfway decent shots of the day of the dead bride i've been fiddling around with for a month...

when i painted her, i have to be honest and tell you i was very inspired by junker jane's work and i wanted the eyes to be i tried something new there. i like it.
i also painted her nose a bit differently, but i hated it, so i had to repaint that one little part and it took me weeks to make the decision.

but, i think she turned out pretty well for all the changes i made!

i suppose i've been a little out of sorts with the last haul of this job pretty much sapped all of my creative energies. i am hoping they return shortly...

so, i am trying to get back in the groove, doll wise.
i've also successfully run out of chain and head pins so all jewelry is on hold until i can buy/make some more...
i need to order clay.
i need to focus.
i need to refuel creatively.
i need to stop wondering what i'm doing wrong and feeling like my work totally sucks...

hope everyone has a very happy {and warm, springy} weekend...