Friday, March 25, 2011

and a few more pendants...

i don't know what's gotten in to me lately...
i can't stop beading!!!

here are the newest additions to my ETSY shoppe:

this one is brand new! i love it so much, it's hard to give up.
i know it will find a good home, however...

this one i made last summer, and you've seen it was at a local
boutique, but is now available on ETSY...

this one you've seen before too. but, again, it was time to let go...

hope everyone is having a great friday!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

back to beading...

the last few days i have been working on finishing some beaded pendants i started last year ( before my wrist went haywire ). i've been soooooo into my dolls this last year, i have, sadly, neglected my beadwork.
but, since i am pretty much out of clay ( and $ to buy it with ), i dug into the box of half finished pendants and well, finished some of them....

each of these little beauties are currently available in my ETSY shoppe...

have a great wednesday everyone!

{who do you think will win top chef allstars tonight?! }


Friday, March 18, 2011

persnickety! persnickety! of elephants and dreams of the midway...

you would think that after harry potter, i would've learned my lesson...
see, the problem is:  if something is popular, talked about, or recommended i assume it is not for me.
i've always been this way.
i'm persnickety.
i've never seen purple rain, dirty dancing, or read twilight.
and i never will {more than likely}.
because i don't usually have the same tastes as the masses.
almost every show i've ever loved gets cancelled. restaurants i discover fail.
 i like to discover things on my own. just call me indiana.
that's my life. my tastes run to the bizarre side.
so, when several people recommend water for elephants to me i thought, nah. thanks though.
um. yeah. WRONG!!!
i'm glad i got it in my head to read this on wednesday....although i don't rightly recollect how i got it in my head in the first place...

i'm in love.
this book is the most beautiful thing i've ever read.
i finished it and turned immediately back to page one and started over.

despite the fact that robert pattison is in the movie {and if he is playing a character named jacob, does that mean if you're "team edward" you are also "team jacob"? discuss....}
i cannot wait to see this film! the imagery is astounding! my poor circus addled brain is in overdrive...the dolls, the dolls i am envisioning!!!
oh, i really wish i had run away with the circus when i was younger.
oh, wait, i still can.
i just close my eyes and dream....

happy weekend to all...


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

deirdre, the stargazer...

happy hump day everyone - and a big ole happy birthday to me ma! she's probably out in the garden working so i will have to call her this evening...

so, today i want to introduce you to deirdre, the stargazer:

deirdre has travelled with the sideshow circuit her entire life. she sees more than she lets on...
and some of it has turned her hair white. but deirdre doesn't mind. she understands that she has been given a gift, and with all great gifts, come great responsibility.
deirdre loves her life in the circus and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world....

i think this may actually be my favorite piece that i've ever made! isn't that funny?  each piece i make is always special to me - almost like my children going forth out into the world, but once in a while there is that piece that i do not want to part with...deirdre may be one of those pieces.
i am giving some thought to submitting her for publication to one of the art doll magazines that i read. but, wow! that's a scary thought. to put my work out there for review. frightening. but, i suppose, necessary on some level...

so, that's today's update.
i have been working on a tattooed lady as part of the window series and she actually got lips last night. this is something that has been eluding me: trying to figure out how to make "real" lips that i like. it's a lot harder than it looks, i'll tell ya. at least for me. trying to figure it all out. but, i think i got it. we'll see...

so, happy wednesday { i know with all the horror going on in the world that it is hard to feel completely happy}, but i wanted to wish you one anyway....


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

finally! new work in the shoppe and some extras for your viewing pleasure...

it seems like it's been forevah since i actually finished a doll... but today i have more than one to share with you:

this is my completed piece for the ART DOLLS ONLY first quarter challenge which was STEAMPUNK.
i've never made a piece for a challenge before and it was quite fun!
she is also the largest doll i've ever made...

and...she looks absolutely nothing like i sketched her-- except for the window. i love the window!!

and if you look closely, you will see her eyes are the same color as the sky...this piece is titled: zelda the ringmistress and the window to her soul...
{hint - i have an entire series of these window pieces planned. i started the second one yesterday}

then we have another set of conjoined twins:

molly and coralee are bound to disagree sometimes...
i have been a little obsessed with the black ringed eyes lately.
guess i'm having an internal goth phase!

i also listed the goth devil girl doll:

she has turned out to be one of my all time favorites...

i was going to share the stargazer with you today as well, but i think i will wait.
she is very special to me and i think she deserves her very own post...

so, that's a little update about the dolls.

i hope everyone is have a great week.

talk to you soon,


{i finally found out how to make hearts and other symbols! yay! i'm not as technologically challenged as i thought....}

Friday, March 11, 2011

i've got my eye on you...

new day of the dead woman WIP
this one's gonna be a leetle different...

on a sadder note, i guess unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the earthquake that hit japan last night.
i woke up to the news this morning and sat around in stunned silence.
see, i had been feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday. not happy with one aspect of my life.
despite the fact that i am (relatively) healthy, my loved ones are too, i am surrounded by loving kitties, a wonderful companion, terrific (and hilarious) friends, and i have the use of both my hands to make things which brings me immense joy.
but, i hate myself and the direction my life has taken this last year.
when you see the amount of devastation this earthquake has produced - all the way to the west coast of the united states -  it's mind boggling.
so, i think i am going to take some time today to get a few things in perspective.
and celebrate being alive.
surrounded by beauty.
and one sleepy kitty...

... sending healing, positive thoughts to everyone in japan...
(i was so very happy to find out my friend in kyoto was ok this morning...)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

it's over.
mardi gras. 
for another year.
i never thought i would ever evah say this...but i'm glad.

this year was bittersweet, i think. we had a great time going out to the parades with friends.

 laura's thoth party is always a highlight, and mr. b and i have decided that is actually our favorite days during the season...

but mardi gras day was a bit of a letdown.
last year i was sick with a really bad head cold and this year, mr. b caught a chest cold, and although we dressed and went to the marigny/quarter, we were all by ourselves and ended up coming home early.
i was worried about him, but he said he had a good time....
and he seems to be getting better!

we had a nice time.
 it was chilled. quiet.  i guess there are just those mardi gras...

since yesterday was ash wednesday and the rest of the city was recovering, i decided to stay home and clean and rearrange my studio- AGAIN!  it often becomes a catch all for papers, boxes, mardi gras beads, and of course, mr. b has been sharing the space with me ( and totally man-griping about his "one a half foot of space" at the end of the craft table. )
hello! have you seen the rest of this house!?!
 it's all his books. books. books. books. books. books.
and his ugly couch. (sorry but it's true).

pretty much everything i own is crammed into that back room (and one more gripe from him and i'm going to remind him of it), but, like a good soul mate, i cleaned out and reorganized more space for him, so he can be comfortable...

but, the minute he starts leaving papers laying about, we are definitely having a chat!
so....that's what i did yesterday.

i totally pulled a muscle in my back too.

today i've been working on some pieces i am thinking of submitting to PRIMS magazine. we'll see how they turn out....
i'm just not in full on creative mode right now. still recovering from carnival i suppose.

and this weekend is # 41 for moi...we have a dinner planned friday night with some friends and the st. patrick's day parade is actually on my birthday (saturday), so maybe we can catch some of that.

i'm glad to be getting back into the swing of my ordinary day to day life.
i have some new ideas i want to work on.
hoping to buy some supplies with my birthday money.
but, i'll be was nice to have a week where i didn't have to think of a darn thing other than what i wanted to drink and what wig i was going to wear...
ignorance is bliss. i don't care what that kyak commercial says!
have a happy one...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's carnival time and...

tonight marks the beginning of the long carnival weekend heading into mardi gras.

it's my favorite time of year, the weather is GORGEOUS! and i'm trying to get in the spirit....
this start of this year has been tough and i've been sooooo stressed out, carnival hasn't really even registered or if it has i've been too paranoid something bad is going to happen to enjoy what i'm doing.
i can't live like that. especially during carnival!

we went to barkus on sunday ( the dog parade in the quarter ) and i got a few good shots...

this is my favorite:

i have no idea who this is, but they were just too cute!

anyway...i will probably not post again until after all the hubub is over...that would be sometime later next week.

until then, happy mardi gras!