Tuesday, October 11, 2011

so behind, i'm catching up with myself...

lawdy! is it really almost the middle of october!?!
i can't believe how fast time flies these days....and october always seems to just rush by.
i guess things just start to speed up when the weather cools off a bit.
and of course, we arty types start to panic about having enough work for the holidays; there always seems to be a show to get ready for; etc, etc...

i've got a bunch of stuff in various stages of completeness - most of it for retail shops, my ETSY shoppe, and the dia de los muertos show in shreveport on the 29th.
but, i just had to take last night off...i couldn't do it. i could not work.
i watched a little tv and i read a bit.
then i fell asleep.

my friend, rita recommended this book to me:

i've really been enjoying it so far. i have a ton of tattooed lady dolls planned, but of course!

i also finally finished 2 hoochie coochie girls and listed them in my shoppe:

this is ginger anne

and this is rosie-red.

they'd love to retire from life on the road! won't someone help them...they really could use a good home!

like i said, mostly working on some dia de los muertos pieces, so i'll be posting them very soon.

i just ordered a light box and hopefully on my day off this week, i'll get to give it a whirl. if it works out, i'll post the link for anyone who's interested - because the price of this thing was absurd compared to all the stuff that came with it ( 2 lights, a tripod, and 4 backgrounds)...

well, off to mah day job!




Knickertwist said...

rosie-red is absolutely devine!

yoborobo said...

I love visiting your laboratory and seeing the amazing creations you come up with! Those hoochie coochie girls are so cute. :) xox