Thursday, August 4, 2011

life is what happens...

wow! is it really august already!?
it seems like just yesterday i was winging my way to the emerald isle...

now i'm just sitting here, swelling and sweltering in the hot humid new orleans air!
i am sooooo ready for fall, i cannot tell you...

so, there's been a lot going on over here at casa de leilani...but some of it has been scary and frustrating...

some of you know that my dear mr. cash got sick last month.

 he kept throwing up ( which started the day he had his physical and his rabies shot) and continued to do so on and off for almost 3 weeks before the vet finally nailed down what was causing it. i was beside myself with worry, but in the end, we got him and miss patches sorted out ( or so it seems ) and everyone seems to be doing ok.

i've come to realize that now, whenever i am feeling stressed or put upon, i tense up to the point where i pull muscles in my back and shoulders. i was so worried about cash that i really did a number on my back last month. at one point i couldn't even drive because i couldn't turn my neck. that's no good!

but, again, we think everyone is sorted out!

i've been spending some time here and there working on a bunch of different things. mainly i've been doing a lot of paper crafting.

i really just needed a bit of a break from the dolls after that last batch. it's been a while since i made cards or tags and it has been truly enjoyable to sit down and work on the things i want to work on.

i will be listing some of these in my ETSY shoppe over the weekend, if anyone is interested....

my friend, kalaya also got me into art journalling - which is something i never ever ever thought i would want to do - but it is very therapeutic and i am enjoying it immensely. i don't have any pics to share with you just yet, but i am sure that i will, sooner or later!

i started a few new dolls this week as well:

and yesterday afternoon i started on a new project of which this face is part:

and---i got the lips almost exactly like i wanted them! finally! but, i had to let the clay practically dry before i could do it, and i doubt i'll be able to duplicate it...but i'm going to try!!

so, yes, it's august in the crescent city, which means rain and humidity and heat.
it's just gross to the point of making me not want to go outside at all. but, alas, i have to...

hope everyone is having a great week!
and here's to the upcoming weekend!!




yoborobo said...

I'm glad Cash is feeling better. It is scary when our furkids get sick. They can't tell us what's wrong. And I do love me some paper and scissors. This summer has been nuts, and I am just now getting back on the crafting band wagon. Take care and stay close to the a/c!!! xox Pam

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I love your blog! :-)

Georgina said...

So glad to read that your little guy is on the mend. My Chihuahua, Maya, will every so often, do the same...but I know what's she's been up to...she loves hunting for the many White Tail Doves that roost up in our trees...she's a very good little huntress too!! She loves the breast meat, well, who doesn't, but I get furious with her because we feed her snacking allowed!! LOL

Love what your doing with the paper crafts. I haven't done much with paper, but you have inspired me...I think I'll give it a try...Pam also makes great paper collages. Just finished more dolls and will get started on another wave soon...need to rest a bit and get my creative muses a chance to recharge. Have a great weekend and this really has been one "hell" of a summer, literally!!

Dawn in the Forest said...

Love the new faces your sculpting:) And I'm so glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. I hope you are going to share some pictures of your art journal.....I would love to sneak a peek. Hope you have a wonderful day.

floatingwoo said...

Yep! Life is coming at us all the time. And we somehow manage to wedge in time to do what we love. Your paper cutout stuff is awesome, the one with the frame reminds me of Joseph Cornell (must see his work if you haven't already). The dolls are always great I am inspired to try doing the little curlycue hair like yours. And the ears who could ask for more. Chris

Frosted Petunias said...

Glad to hear your Cash is doing ok. It's horrible when our furry babies are sick. I'm the same way when I'm stressed, I get headaches because I grind my teeth...not fun. I love your new paper art and always love your dolls. Can't wait for fall too! Hope you'll feel better soon.


Amber Leilani said...

thank you everyone for the lovely comments and well wishes for the kitties and me...

georgina...i also know what mine got up to even though they are indoor only cats. they got ahold of a palmetto bug that made them sick...but i can't police them all the time, so if they get sick again, we'll deal with it as it comes... and you should definitely give paper crafting a go! it is soooo much fun!!

chris - i'll have to check out joseph cornell's work. his name sounds familiar...i may already know it by sight. can't wait to see what you're up to sculpture wise.

dawn, i love the new faces you've been working on to! the eyes are wonderful!!!

pam - i'm working on a day of the dead frida'll have to tell me what you think! she won't be as wonderful as yours...but i had to try on eventually!!

anna, i've got to stop clinching up! my back is killing me. i sometimes grind my teeth too, so i know what you're going through...

rebecca...hi and thanks!!

Flo said...

Glad everyone in your home seem to be sorted out ;)
I'm with you on the time flies part ...and on the being ready for Fall. Sigh.

I love the Amor piece, nice cut details. Really cool.
Can't wait to see your next dolls !
(and I know I'm repeating myself a bit here, but seeing the dolls that are in the work, I can't help it, I love to see how your style constantly evolves and matures. It's really amazing.)

I've been very shyly approaching art journaling in the past few months, and I find it...unsettling. I need to seriously let go of a lot of ridiculous self pressure. It will come I guess :) Feel free to send any advice along !


Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

Can't wait to see the final results!! It is looking soo good!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Your poor kitties! Poor you! Having sick cats is so scary, especially not knowing WHY or what's exactly wrong. I'm so glad your kitties are on the mend! ^-^ I am sending them extra many loves & hugs & chin & ear scritches. =D

I lovelovelove your paper craftings! And I can't wait to see some art journal pages. ^-^

Have a wonderful week this week! =D


Ayala ArtDolls said...

Yes, it is August and I can't believe it yet :o/
Good to hear kitties are doing good, it is so bad to have them sick!
Your doll is looking great! I recently have been doing more painting(in my other blog) than dolling :oP
Hope your weather (and mine!) improve a bit soon :o)

BresBaubles said...

Now following you!

BresBaubles said...

Found your blog today. Your crafts are beautiful and intriguing and I loved your profile. My cat Plato would enjoy your feline minions, lol! Please check out my blog too!

I'm gonna check out your Etsy now!