Thursday, June 2, 2011

james joyce, crabby & happy, and oh, the joys of travel....

hello dear friends!!

today's post spotlights two wonderfully amazing and fantastic ETSY artists i have had the pleasure of working with (and getting to know - hi jess!) over the past few months...

first of all ---- this just arrived in the mail this afternoon...

meet crabby and happy - the newest additions to my doll collection!
they were created by jessica over at cuteandcreepy----> who you might remember i recently collaborated with.
i am just in love with them...the moment i saw them online, i knew they had to be mine!!
thanks so much jessica for bringing such joy to my world - and to many others i am sure - with your delightful creations!! you totally rock!!
of course, i have to keep patches and cash away from them. they took one look at that tail and thought "cat toy"! uh-uh, kiddos!
and most of you know by now that the mister and i are planning a trip to ireland this summer...we leave very shortly, and since we can't take patches and cash with us, we settled on a different travelling companion:
meet mr. james joyce - famous irish writer and object of much obsession by my mister!
he is a delightful little finger puppet we commissioned from abbeychristine on ETSY.
she took several pictures and suggestions we sent her and absolutely perfectly nailed mr. joyce!!
abbey was such a delight to work with and her work is spot on and sooooo well made!
thank you, abbey!!
he's almost packed and ready to get back to his homeland...

i'm sure you'll be seeing more of him in the coming weeks as we document his journey through the emerald isle and of course, bloomsday!!
hmmm...maybe i will make a ferry trip to wales- the land of my people - while these two partake of their bloomsday activities...

so, wish us happy happy safe travels --- as you probably know i would rather get punched in the face than get on a plane...

i hope you all have a fantastic weekend and i hope to see you all very very soon!!



Georgina said...

I'm so jealous, Amber. I've always wanted to go great-great-great grandmother was from there and a Jew to's that happen???? She and my G(to the third power) met in Paris...he was a Spaniard in hiding and they married there and moved to Mexico...the rest is history.

"Ulysses!" That's one of the most difficult works to brave of your husband!! LOL

Have a wonderful time in Ireland.


Amber Leilani said...

thanks, georgina!
most folks think i'm irish...but i'm mostly welsh and english. although i'm sure i've got some irish in me somewhere...what a romantic story of your great-great-great grandmother!!
yeah, i'm no fan of ulysses - but the mister! he worships joyce. what can you do? no one's perfect!!

Kalaya Steede said...

Hey Amber, NOLA will miss you! Hopefully it's not as hot over there. See you when you get back. XO

yoborobo said...

Hi Amber! I am so jealous!!! But I'm happy you and the mister get to go on such a wonderful adventure. I am an Irish-Welsh mutt of some kind, so evidently you are going to my homeland! Have a wonderful time!
xox Pam PS I'm with you on getting on a plane.

Amanda said...

Hope you have a blast! I love abbey...her finger puppets are perfection!

JK said...

Amber I hope you two have the most excellent vacation you deserve it!! And I'm so glad you like Happy and Crabby. You're a true doll.

Leslie said...

Your traveling companion is quite charming! Have a fabulous trip to Ireland, I am soooo jealous :)I'm sure it is a beautiful place to visit!

MK said...

follow us!!!! love your stuff!!!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))