Monday, May 9, 2011

long time pendants, some doll work, and abney park...

good monday morning dear friends and visitors!
i know, i's been far too long!
please forgive me, but the adjustment period to my new jobby-job has taken far longer than even i expected.

 and i was totally and unexpectedly abandoned by my muse these last few weeks.
i think she just could not deal with my exhaustion and depression.
i did catch her peeking her head around the corner of my studio once or twice this weekend, and i am confident that she will be back in full force sometime very soon.
she dropped in for just a bit to tell me that i haven't been feeding my soul as well as i should and luckily got in touch with my dear friend, ande, who sent a big ole whopping list of all things steampunk for yours truly to sink her sharpened little incisors into.
hello abney park!

we love you!!

so, while i was piddling around in my creative space this weekend i managed to get a few things ready for viewing.....

i just started this line of victorian inspired day of the dead pendants:

they are hand stamped and hand colored on antiqued paper and sealed with a resin.

 however, the resin is not cooperating and i found a better solution - which will be arriving this week, i hope, and i will have them listed in the shoppe this weekend. ( the daylight hours i have at home are not conducive to taking good pictures and my next day off should be thursday, so keep your fingers crossed. the oomoo would like to be listed as well. she's getting a bit bent out shape about it actually).

i also worked a little more on this doll i've been dickering around with for several weeks.

she says she needs a perch...

i'm not sure yet...
i have a feeling she will get her way eventually...

i must confess that i've been out of touch with so many of my dear friends lately, i am not sure if you will remember me when i call on you and your wonderful blogs.
i hope that we can all pick up where we left off!

i have 3 full days of work a head of me and must devote a little time on thursday morning for my quarter time job...but i hope to have some new work listed, some old pieces re listed, and more work in progress ready for your viewing pleasure.

i hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead and i look forward to visiting with everyone more regularly...




Kalaya Steede said...

It's about time you returned. Oh how I've missed you! The doll looks great. I like her pedestal. Looks like your muse has returned. XO

yoborobo said...

Love the doll! And the pendants! I know it's so hard to work a job and have time to create. Hopefully you will settle in at your new job and get more time to make fabulous art!!! I'm behind in everything. EVERYTHING!! xox Pam

Amanda said...

I LOVE the necklaces! I can't wait to see them listed. I totally understand, we have been so busy with home-life, work and other events that there has been almost NO time for creative endeavors. Here's to hoping we are back at work soon too!

Leslie said...

Love the new doll and pendant! Don't the dolls always get their way!? :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

OMG!!! I love those pendants! =D
And Abney Park is one of my favorite bands EVER... and that's one of my favorite songs by them. ^-^


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Hey lady! It was good to hear from you! =D
We all have those head in arse days... I seem to be plagued by them lately... XD
Hope you've had a awesome week & that your resin alternative arrived! I shall talk to you soon I hope! ^-^