Monday, May 23, 2011

just a little hi from me to thee...

i haven't been around much lately, and i apologize.
there's been peeps in town, birthdays, issues with my schedule, and so much to plan for our upcoming trip to ireland.
i haven't had much time in the studio so i'll just share some pics i took the back yard
today while i was doing laundry...

have a great monday!



A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Amber
Have a lovely time in Ireland.
Wish I could go there sometime. I actually would like to go to the entire British Empire...which I am not sure if Ireland is part of it all. I have a Scots-Irish heritage, and love the bagpipes, and everything green.
I left a note in your Etsy shop about doll ning sites a while back, so I am just 'shooting the breeze' here, viewing your lovely photos of the ferns on your blog.
Take care,
Teresa in Cloth and Clay

Amber Leilani said...

hey teresa,
i did get your note and i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to check out the groups - actually i've thought about joining cloth and clay for a while - but i haven't been able to commit...i have so much going on with the new job and other things i'm involved in. i hope you didn't think i was rude. just trying to juggle too much at once...oh, and my muse decide to leave about 2 months ago and she's just now coming around again.
thanks for the well wishes for our ireland trip! i'm so excited...but, man..i hate to fly...
talk to you soon,