Tuesday, April 5, 2011

playing around, rambling, and trying to find my inner child...

so, i'm sitting around this morning waiting to go to my first full day at my new day job...

i'm trying to keep in mind some advice i came across last week.
it's hard.
i would rawther be in the studio...
but these bills ain't gonna pay themselves!

but, i did get a little studio time in sunday and monday and i have some new dolls in different stages of progress...

these are the dolls i've been wanting to make, but on some level have been afraid to do so.
i can't explain it.
it just is.

i have a vision in my head of monster-girl goth dolls.
i used to draw monsters a lot when i was a kid and i've been thinking about those drawings quite a bit lately.
with all the changes that are going on in my life right now, i guess i'm feeling the need to get back in touch with my inner child a bit.
freedom of imagination. less stress. more joy.....

i've just been playing and experimenting...and it seems like i am going back to the way my faces looked
when i first started messing with the clay:

{{scuse the cracks...she's gotta be cleaned up a bit}}

...and i think i like them better. but, we'll see how they look finished.
of course, hair would be nice too!

that's it for me today.
just rambling along...

have a great week everybody!



Papillon Bleu said...

I wish you the best with you new job.
To be true, I am at the same stage at the moment. I love what I do, but my passion isn't sufficient for the bills etc...

I love what you do and hope that one day, I will be able to have one of your little beauties in my doll collection.

I hope you will enjoy your day at your new job. let us know!

Michele Lynch Art said...

They look really cool Amber! Can't wait to see them finished :o)) It's always best to listen your heart with your art, it will make you so much happier! I'm glad you are listening :o) Good luck with your first full day :o) xo Michele

yoborobo said...

I think they look amazing, Amber. I can't wait to see them finished! I hope you had a great day at work. I wish those stupid bills WOULD pay themselves, so we could just go make some more dolls! :)) xox Pam

Amber Leilani said...

thank y'all sooooo much! it was so wonderful to come home to all these lovely comments and such great support!!!

i am EXHAUSTED!! you know how that first day is - adrenaline overload and you forget to eat on time and all that...and of course, there is always that customer who comes in at closing....it's 8:30 and i'm in bed in my fuzzy robe! i'm hoping i can rally and get some sculpting done, but it's not looking good...

patricia, that's so sweet of you to say about my dolls! i feel the same way about your work - and micheles', and pam's!!! i'll take one of everything!! ;)

one of the reasons i'm trying not to bitch about going back to work is because i am hoping to have a little extra dough to buy some of the dolls i've had my eye on....:)

i'll fill everyone in later about the job...there were some ups and downs and some complete weirdness, but i think it'll work out just fine.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Squee! I'm so excited to see these lovelies as they come along! Especially the one with stitches around her mouth... =D

I hope your job is going well! You're in my thoughts!


Dawn in the Forest said...

Best wishes on your job:)

I love all the wonderful things you create. Stay positive and present.....I have to remind myself of that(alot) lol.