Friday, March 18, 2011

persnickety! persnickety! of elephants and dreams of the midway...

you would think that after harry potter, i would've learned my lesson...
see, the problem is:  if something is popular, talked about, or recommended i assume it is not for me.
i've always been this way.
i'm persnickety.
i've never seen purple rain, dirty dancing, or read twilight.
and i never will {more than likely}.
because i don't usually have the same tastes as the masses.
almost every show i've ever loved gets cancelled. restaurants i discover fail.
 i like to discover things on my own. just call me indiana.
that's my life. my tastes run to the bizarre side.
so, when several people recommend water for elephants to me i thought, nah. thanks though.
um. yeah. WRONG!!!
i'm glad i got it in my head to read this on wednesday....although i don't rightly recollect how i got it in my head in the first place...

i'm in love.
this book is the most beautiful thing i've ever read.
i finished it and turned immediately back to page one and started over.

despite the fact that robert pattison is in the movie {and if he is playing a character named jacob, does that mean if you're "team edward" you are also "team jacob"? discuss....}
i cannot wait to see this film! the imagery is astounding! my poor circus addled brain is in overdrive...the dolls, the dolls i am envisioning!!!
oh, i really wish i had run away with the circus when i was younger.
oh, wait, i still can.
i just close my eyes and dream....

happy weekend to all...



manosdetijera said...


Christina J. said...

This book is next on my list. I've been looking at it forever because the author lives one town over from me. Now I really need to hurry up and read it before I see the movie.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I'm so glad you liked this book! =D
I can't WAIT to see the dolls it inspires... ^-^

And I was just talking to Britt yesterday about getting in shape so I can take a beginning aerial class... I too want to run away & join the circus... ^-^

Love & hugs!


Boot ~C said...

I loved that book too. I've always said the networks should hire me, if I love it, tape it & never miss it, a show dies. If I've never watched it(bachlor,anything w/ trump,dancing/singing/racing, or on the jersey shore, for ex.) it lives on forever.They could make millions!( & I STILL miss LIFE ;) )

Amber Leilani said...

christina ---oh, it is just amazing! i never would have thought - but of course, i love all circusy things, so i wonder what i was thinking not reading it! the movie looks beautiful.
the author will be here in april to do a book signing for her new book. should i bring her a doll?! ;)

blakkduchess - i have a friend who is an aerialist and she loves it! she performs at all kinds of events here in nola

boot c - i miss LIFE too....:( and the x files. and keen eddie. my so called life. carnivale...the list goes on and on. maybe we could team up to help the networks. it seems we have the same tastes!!

Lynn said...

Yes! I love that story! It just sucked me right in from the first page. I hope the movie can do it justice!

Jane Loedding said...

I read the book and I loved it!! I have a 'thing' for that to read books that take place in that time period! I swear I lived a previous life and was alive back then. :D

Papillon Bleu said...

OOOOOooooOOOOoooOoh I see you like circuses too!

Do you know Homemade circus? I love what the lady does.

Amber Leilani said...

lynn, i also hope the movie can do it justice. i'm a little worried about some story elements, but the visuals look amazing!

joan, i've read a few books and seen some movies in that period - but i would love to have some recommendations! we are currently watching CARNIVALE on netflix and i also really loved THE POISONERS HANDBOOK which is about the advent of forensic toxicology in new york in the jazz age. very interesting reading...

patricia - i LOVE homemade circus! tammy is so nice ( i met her at jazz fest here in new orleans last year) but i had been a fan of her work from seeing it in somerset studio.
i am a total circus/sideshow freak ( pardon the pun )...except clowns. i don't know anyone who likes clowns...

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Thank you for your sweet words to me & to Britt the other day. It never occurs to me when I love someone, anyone, that someday they won't be with me. I know it sounds silly, but until it happened the first time with Kyo, it hadn't really been a possibility in my mind. I know better now, but still can't help but love anyone & everyone with fur or claws... ^-^
Love to you & your furbabies!


Boot ~C said...

I fell in LOVE w/ Carnivale when I watched the first season from Netflix. I fell out when I realized the 6 season arc was cancelled after 2 :(

Amber Leilani said...

ah, boot-c, i didn't realize CARNIVALE was supposed to be a 6 season arc. it seems like all the truly artistic shows get the axe so called life, LIFE, carnivale...but yet there is a plethora (sp?) of real housewives shows. oh, well!
we are watching carnivale via netflix now. i liked it the first time i saw it, but it's much better this time!!!