Thursday, March 10, 2011

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

it's over.
mardi gras. 
for another year.
i never thought i would ever evah say this...but i'm glad.

this year was bittersweet, i think. we had a great time going out to the parades with friends.

 laura's thoth party is always a highlight, and mr. b and i have decided that is actually our favorite days during the season...

but mardi gras day was a bit of a letdown.
last year i was sick with a really bad head cold and this year, mr. b caught a chest cold, and although we dressed and went to the marigny/quarter, we were all by ourselves and ended up coming home early.
i was worried about him, but he said he had a good time....
and he seems to be getting better!

we had a nice time.
 it was chilled. quiet.  i guess there are just those mardi gras...

since yesterday was ash wednesday and the rest of the city was recovering, i decided to stay home and clean and rearrange my studio- AGAIN!  it often becomes a catch all for papers, boxes, mardi gras beads, and of course, mr. b has been sharing the space with me ( and totally man-griping about his "one a half foot of space" at the end of the craft table. )
hello! have you seen the rest of this house!?!
 it's all his books. books. books. books. books. books.
and his ugly couch. (sorry but it's true).

pretty much everything i own is crammed into that back room (and one more gripe from him and i'm going to remind him of it), but, like a good soul mate, i cleaned out and reorganized more space for him, so he can be comfortable...

but, the minute he starts leaving papers laying about, we are definitely having a chat!
so....that's what i did yesterday.

i totally pulled a muscle in my back too.

today i've been working on some pieces i am thinking of submitting to PRIMS magazine. we'll see how they turn out....
i'm just not in full on creative mode right now. still recovering from carnival i suppose.

and this weekend is # 41 for moi...we have a dinner planned friday night with some friends and the st. patrick's day parade is actually on my birthday (saturday), so maybe we can catch some of that.

i'm glad to be getting back into the swing of my ordinary day to day life.
i have some new ideas i want to work on.
hoping to buy some supplies with my birthday money.
but, i'll be was nice to have a week where i didn't have to think of a darn thing other than what i wanted to drink and what wig i was going to wear...
ignorance is bliss. i don't care what that kyak commercial says!
have a happy one...



Kalaya Steede said...

Love the pics and you had me LOL while reading your post. Didn't realize the parade was this weekend. Surprise! Have a fantastic birthday!

Amber Leilani said...

kalaya, that parade is often the weekend of my birthday. sometimes it's fun, most times annoying. i am about paraded out! ha ha!

Papillon Bleu said...

OMG!!!!! Is this your cat???? I used to have exactly the same!!!!

Amber Leilani said...

yeah, patricia, that's our patches! she is a handful, to say the least. if i had a dollar for everyone who tells us tortie's are crazy, i would never have to work again. we love her though...she's sweet, but again, a handful!