Sunday, February 13, 2011

a warming trend has snatched my muse...

it looks like we may be in for a bit of a warming trend for the next week here in the beautiful crescent city!
i guess mother nature got my memo!

there's not much going on here in the studio. the last week has had me crippled without my muse...every piece of clay i touch looks like crap. i have 3 dolls ready to paint and not a single one of them has any personality peeking up through the clay to me at all.
i have no idea what happened...well, maybe i do.
i thought i would try a few new sculpting tricks: i wanted to sculpt lips and add some more dimension to their upper torsos. it turned out horrible. i'm embarrassed. i thought i could feel it...
i'm not ever going to show you the pictures. they're bad.

so, today i am laying clay on some medium sized figures to be day of the dead grooms. no brides this time. all dudes. i really do love making their top hats.

these pieces turned out so wonderful to me, that i guess my creative side just needs to refuel before the next batch.

anyway....i think i'll go for a walk with my camera. maybe grab a drink.

so, wish me luck getting my mojo back!



Knickertwist said...

I hate it when my materials and hands and brilliant ideas decide they don't want to play nicely with eachother.

Amber Leilani said...

i know, right! what the hell...can't we all just get along!
it feels like sometimes, if i actually make something i am happy with and proud of,my most creative parts go on strike...

Linda said...

I hate it when my hands don't work..Kind of depressing...But eventually they start working again and I can create.
You are a great talent..Thank you for sharing

Michele Lynch Art said...

I'll bet it's not as bad as you think :o) But sometimes we just need a little break to refuel :o) I love love your day of the dead busts! They are fabulous :o)Michele

Kalaya Steede said...

The warm snap has taken my muse as well! I need a cold front. Can't wait to see your latest work completed. They look great.

manosdetijera said...

Hi, Amber Leilani.
We love these works. they are wonderful!!!