Tuesday, February 22, 2011

something new! ...work in progress...

i'm just going to pop in for a seconds (i'm supposed to be working on yet another resume and cover letter), but i just had to share with you some pics of a few work in progress pieces...

this is the beginning of my steampunk piece for the ADO 1st quarter challenge.
truth is, i don't think i will finish her in time to make the challenge, but boy! has she been fun to work on...
and now i am completely and totally obsessed with all things steampunk (and am going to be introducing a line of steampunk inspired jewelry and dolls very soon)

she's the biggest doll i've made to date. i can't wait to start painting her (hopefully tonight)!

and here are some other new little WiPs...

i'm calling these "wall dolls" as they each have a little hook on the back for hanging on the wall.
i've been wanting to add limbs to my little dollies for a while, and after looking into my options - and thinking about how i wanted them to look - i decided they needed stationary limbs...so tah dah!
....and i added little cloven feet to them after i took these pics. they are soooo cool! i love cloven feet.

they are pretty tiny, all things considered. but i am very happy with how they are turning out..

so, that's a little update as to what's been going on in amberlandia.

well, guess i better get to work on that resume... grrrr...somebody buy some dolls so i won't have to go back to work!!! ;)




Dawn in the Forest said...

I can't wait to see these finished:)

Christina J. said...

A lot has been going on! Can't wait to see the finished work.

Georgina said...

Hi Amber. Had to laugh at your wall dolls...most of mine are wall dolls...I give my collectors a choice...they can stand them up or put them on the wall. I hang mine on the wall in my studio only to save space, but they look quite nice hanging there, staring down at me!

Steampunk is fun...I got into it some time back and even had a tutorial on a steampunk doll. I don't know if you follow Michele Lyche's blog, but she makes these incredible steampunk dolls...go over and check it out...hope I spelled her name correctly.

Have a great week.