Monday, January 3, 2011

updates, updates, updates...

i just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that my dad is fine and is going home this morning!
his lung capacity is at 95%, kidneys are fine, and his blood issues are being sorted out.
i talked to him last night and he sounded good.
thanks for your comments and thoughts...

today begins the dreaded job hunt of 2011.
i find it hilarious that everyone i've talked to (including my mister) has told me to just persevere until i find something i like.


i thought everyone ( especially my mister) knew me well enough to know that i'm not going to like any job that doesn't have my name over the door.

but, i smile and pretend it could happen.

i have no idea what to put on my resume. i haven't needed one for, like 5 years.
i need some help on this end.
it will probably have to wait unil mr. b gets home tonight.

until then...i am updating my ETSY shoppe with 3 new paintings this afternoon ( yay!) and i've already heard from a shoppe that reps my dolls that they want paintings too! (yay, again!)

i'm also working on a conjoined twins painting that should be finished later today as well.

i have a lot to do today!

i better get moving....



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Christina J. said...

Good luck in the job process. I had to find a new job in 2010 and it ended up being a good experience.