Thursday, January 13, 2011

toying around with some new ideas...

its C.O.L.D. out there!
what happened to my lovely 65 degree new orleans winters?

oh well...

my studio has been about 65 degrees most days this week, but i am trudging along.

i've been toying around with some valentine ideas just for fun...

on the doll front i actually have some news to dolls will very soon be available at MARIPOSA gallery in albuquerque! this wonderful gallery has been woman owned since 1974 and it's current owners, liz and jennifer are superb!
i am also going to have a piece at their valentine's show entitled " be still my anatomical heart" which opens february 4th.
i am very excited about this opportunity and my mind is all a flutter with ideas!

here is a sneak peak of some WIP's for mariposa...

i am also giving some thought to doing a piece for ADO's first quarter challenge which is STEAMPUNK. i have not embraced the steampunk movement, but after some research into it last night, i think that i could get behind this... hee hee! thinking back, many of my visually favorite films have been a bit on the steampunk-y side.
i have some ideas for this challenge and if  they come together, i will, of course, share...

well, i suppose i need to get up and running this morning.
i woke up with a stress headache and i've just been sitting here, not moving, trying to get it to pass.
it's on the way out, so that means time to motor!



Aleta said...

I love to see artwork "in progress" - it gives a glimpse into the work and design. How charming!

And yes - it's WAY too cold in New Orleans!!! 28 degrees this morning? WHAT?! Ship that stuff back up north, I say!

Tobi Britton* said...

Hi Amber!
LOVE your see what i called it??? LOL
Yes WORK!!! So why not do a big bunch of craft shows instead of getting a "real" job. UGH I just hate the word! I think you could sell a bazillion "geek Love" hearts on etsy, seriously! So talented.
Anyway, thank you for visiting my sparkly blog, we love new friends!
Good luck in your search!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I LOVE the bearded lady with the rose beard! =D Too awesome! ^-^

Hope your headache took a hike & that you had a wonderful day. Also hoping that you are able to find a really good job that you like & where they treat you well!

It's such great news that Mariposa is going to be selling your dolls! Woohoo!

Gotta run & actually do some work now, but I'll talk to you soon! ^-^