Friday, January 28, 2011

torn words and hearts...

there are days when i am not in a freakish or monster-y mood.

there are days when i want sweet. inspiration. encouragement.
so i started painting these little sweet hearts....

i painted them and let them sit for over a week before i decided they needed words

torn, tattered, aged words.

so beautiful.
simple words are the best.

i have always been drawn to using words and lettering in art.
but, i remember when i was taking art classes, my instructor drilled it into our heads that our art should stand alone - that it's message should be clear without the use of words.
i guess it went it, because here i am, 20 years later, just now daring to put words into my own art...
funny, how things go in that you don't even realize did...

i also worked for an artist once who was under the impression that he had invented the heart.
it was what he was known for.
again, years have gone by and i am just now finding that i actually like the shape and color of the heart...
it makes me feel happy. and sweet.

anyway....i paint because it makes me happy.

thinking of adding these to the shoppe.

have a great friday, everybody...



Tracy said...

I love that these pieces in retrospect gave you more insight into yourself.
Such is one of the many beauties of art.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I love your hearts! They're wonderfully sweet. ^-^
And sometimes, it's good to let art speak for itself. Other times, words here & there are the finishing touches that are needed to make a piece complete.
Let YOUR heart guide you, and ignore all those voices in your mind who try to tell you what art is or isn't. ^-^


Amber Leilani said...

i think that all of the different types of art i have been making are definitely helping me find myself creatively...
and i am doing what i love. not what i think will sell or what i have been told is correct! that is sooooo liberating, i ain't about to give it up! :)