Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i do so love a vampire geek...

alone on a crisp, cloudy new orleans night, she wandered out her back door into the trees.
what would she find there? a handsome vampire watching her through the branches?
a misunderstood circus geek peering around the peeling paint of the shotgun house next door?
she trailed along her back fence, fingers gently caressing the worn wood, wondering what was out there, beyond her sight, in the dark of night....

ok, so i was really doing laundry in the shed out back of the apartment.
laundry definitely lends itself to daydreams since it is soooooo boring to have to take care of....
but i did manage to get these cool shots of the moon through the trees and clouds last night:

one thing about living in new orleans and always having to be careful where you step because of uneven pavement...i really do forget to look up and take in the beauty above me!

so far this week, i've been puttering away at my piece for the valentine's show at mariposa as well as working on a bunch of new dolls,

making some "geek love" hearts to add to the etsy shoppe (thanks for the encouragement, tobi),

and patches has found a new home on top of the armoir in the studio so that she can sit, undisturbed ( for both of us) while i work.

well, i guess i better get back to work!

here's to a great week ahead....



singapore florist said...

the dolls are cute. it's like they are looking at the moon :D

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I'm so happy to see the dolls now that they're painted! =D

And I totally adore the geek love hearts too... XD

Those are some gorgeous pics, btw... so pretty!