Sunday, January 2, 2011

a belated happy new year...

a belated happy new year to everyone!
i hope that your holidays were bright and festive.

my new year's eve was spent in the company of my mister and my best friend and her hubby.
we had a fantastic dinner at dante's kitchen and rang in the new year with waaay too much champagne at the jeffe...

as the mister put it, we got off to a great start with good kisses and good champagne!
i did spend all of yesterday on the couch, with harrison ford, recouping from said champagne...but...

the new year has been overshadowed, however by the news that my dad is in the hospital.
he seems to be ok, but they are still running tests and he is supposed to see his doctor tomorrow.
he had the flu over christmas and it turned into bronchitis, but they caught that in time and are treating that as well as a couple of other issues he had going on.
both my parents are insistent that i not drive over, but i feel lost and helpless and like i should be there.
but, here i sit, and i have a host of unpleasant tasks to start this week, which include looking for a, it's hard, today, keeping the sadness and depression at bay.

but, before all this went down, i was quite looking forward to the new year and what wonderful things 2011 might offer. i am still trying to hang on to that positive energy and all the hope and enthusiasm that was bubbling up from within toward the end of 2010.

i started a wish list of things i want to achieve and things i want (and need) to keep in mind, not just for the new year, but for always.

i don't make resolutions. but i do have hopes and dreams and goals.

it is still a work in progress. so many things need to go on this list...

and one of the most important is to remember that i am who i am, not whatever job pays me to be there all day.

i am amber leilani.




cat herder.

human being.

i HAVE to remember this.

so, i am trying my best to keep my head on straight, not succumb to the regrets and resentment that are swirling just outside my line of sight...
i can't get bogged down in the negativity.

if i want my life to be wonderful, it has to start with me...

i hope that everyone is having a fantastic start to 2011.
here's to making all our dreams come true....



Christina J. said...

I hope your dad recovers quickly. It's hard to be away when loved one is ill. Hang in there.

What I Say Matters! said...

I Love the wishlist idea!! I don't make New Years resolutions either... I have to make resolutions daily!!