Tuesday, January 25, 2011

arting it up around the old homestead...

so, i spent a good deal of yesterday cleaning my house and re organizing my little work area.

as you know, one of our two cats ( hello, patches!) is a climber and she has systematically broken more of my treasured possessions than i ever thought possible. this is because she is not just a climber, but an attention whore. if she doesn't get the amount of attention she thinks she deserves ( 24/7) she will climb on to a shelf and just start hurling things off. sometimes on my head.

more than once i have found her on the shelf where i put WIP dolls.
not good.

but, i do have a lot of little art goodies and knickknacks that i would like to look at. most of them have been locked securely away for fear of patches.

 yesterday i started taking them out and moving them into ( i hope) secure locations out of her reach, but where i can actually see them.

 they bring me joy.
i want to look at them.

i also have a bad habit of keeping all of my own work in the craft room
some of it has started making it's way out into the rest of the house .

i am very happy about this.

as an artist, i need to be surrounded by pretty, lovely, and odd things to stir my imagination.
i haven't had that in a while. i just jumble it all together.

so, my goal this week is to pretty up my house.
i don't (really) mind all the books that are threatening to take over the entire abode, but dammit, i will have art on the walls that aren't covered in books! ha ha!

 so, the purging of the locked away tchotchkies continues....

have a great, art filled day everyone!


ps... i saw this great post over at andrea t's blog yesterday that sort of inspired this reorganization...
check it out if you have a chance.
i am trying to support independent artists more this year as well.
and i also want to display the pieces i do have....

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Linda said...

Great post. You are so very creative and inspirational...I also have to put my goodies out of the way. I have 2 furry animals that like to take things and hide them. Sometimes even chew them up. Thanks for sharing.