Tuesday, November 30, 2010

freaks and elves....

well, hello there, strangers!
yeah, it's me.
been a while...

i've been working on more dolls than i can count

including some little holiday elf girls.
i don't normally like pastels, but they work here!

love me some glitter!

and some masking.
how many days till mardi gras!?

the cirque du orleans sideshow is gaining numbers

these two lovely ladies just joined and have been a tremendous success!

they don't have homes yet though, so if you are looking to adopt... let me know!

so, it's going to have to be a short post today...
i am afraid if i stay i will lapse into a rant of self pity and rage,
and that's not what i want this blog to be about.
but, let's just say that staying positive has been work over the last few weeks.

anyway... more new circus-y critters will be joining the ranks this weekend.

until then,
keep smiling. everyone will wonder what you're up to!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's 78 degrees and snowing...

yes, you heard that correctly...

it's november 10th and the high today is going to be near 80 degrees.
whoo hoo!!!
for me, that's just perfect!

last year it turned cold in early october, got down into the teens for weeks, and didn't warm up until april.
no thank you.
this is new orleans.
we like it on the warm side.

but, when it's warm and sunny, it's kind of hard to find that holiday spirit - but, i'm trying!
truth is, i do prefer the warm weather, and i just have to dig a little deeper into my imagination to find snow fairies and jolly snowmen.
but, i think i'm making progress....

a sweet elfin party girl

she glitters and shimmers all year long...and is always the life of the par-tay....

a quirky snowman looks off into the distance....

while this jolly fellow looks ahead to a very happy holiday

doesn't he just warm your heart?!

i absolutely love making these little guys ( although they are not that little - he's 6" tall. that's big for me!)
they are inspired by a set of snowpeople candle holders i made for my mom in the 4th grade.
she still has them and puts them out every christmas - even though they are chipped and black from holding candles for over 30 years!

i will be adding more of these holiday cuties to my ETSY shoppe over the next week. they will also be available locally at PLUM on magazine street.

on a side note... i was invited to join a new team on ETSY yesterday - ETSY UGLY-CUTE!
how awesome is that!?!
i am going to be with my people!

well, i need to get motoring this morning.
i've had a sinus/stress headache since saturday and i think i'll go for a walk to clear the brain-webs and make some doll like plans for the next two days.

y'all have a good one!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

meet the newest additions to cirque du orleans...

so, the last few weeks have seen me up to my eyeballs in clay working on a few new additions to the cirque du orleans family.
you know how it is when inspiration strikes!?! it's hard to come up for air!
so today i want to introduce you to the newest members of the great travelling sideshow, cirque du orleans:

gerilynne the tattooed lady is always the picture of loveliness...

she loves to wear fresh flowers in her hair

imelda is the beardedest of the bearded ladies!

and her frocks are always so fashionable!

bernard is a strongman....

he is very shy and introspective

the fortune teller never gives bad news

she is sweetly subdued and loved by all...

the half man half woman is a big draw on the midway...

tres masculine!

and so beautiful to behold....

until next time, ladies and gentlemen!

have a great day!


Monday, November 8, 2010

just popping in ( or a post without pics)

just a quick pop in here to let everyone know i am, in fact, still alive.

i normally don't go this long without updates, but my life has just been a whirlwind of
clay, paint, glitter, and shmoozing at shows.
i've been up, down, and around with regards to this art doll business, and  trying to stay on the UP side has been a little difficult.

but, i'm trying.

anyhoo....i added quite a few characters to the cirque du orleans sideshow circuit last week - they will be in my ETSY shoppe this week. i've started on christmas items, and i have another show here after thanksgiving where i will have lots of ornaments and favor boxes. but, christmas just does not inspire like halloween.

the next few weeks will see me getting ready for that show and for the markets in december as well as family matters and travel. so, i may not be here as much as i'd like, but i promise i will get back in the swing of things.

i hope that everyone is doing well and i hope to have new goodies to show you soon!!

take care,