Monday, March 29, 2010

a much needed day off...

i am taking today off!!!

a much much needed day off.

 i tunes on. phone off.

these guys are all set and ready to be sewn and turned into beautiful pendants

these guys need to be finished and have the bails put on. they have been lounging around in my box of unfinished pendants for far too long.

cash is ready to lend a hand.
he keeps watch out the back door so that no gremlins can come by and steal my creativity when i am working so hard in the studio.

it's been far too long since i picked up one of these little beauties...

so, here's to hoping i actually accomplish something today...
if not, do i get an "A" for effort...?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday with frida

happy sunday from frida and i!

i paint my own reality. the only thing i know is that i paint because i need to, and i paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.
~~~ frida kahlo

Monday, March 22, 2010

inside and out

i told you last week that i have had some trouble finding my happy place due to my jury duty sentence. well, i've been trying very hard not to dwell on the idiocy of this antiquated system and the stupidity of our justice system and concentrate on making things and enjoying the (evidently brief, as it is in the 50's again today) springtime weather in our beautiful, decaying city.

so, here are a few new cards fresh from le studio and some pics i took in the marigny last weekend.
think of it as my own little art bubble...

this card turned out to be the inspiration for a series of paper dolls i am working on now. some of them will be incorporated into shadow boxes and other assemblage pieces. some will just be the dolls themselves. i thought she turned out pretty well. can't wait to show the other pieces to you.

a lovely marie antoinette image which is one of my favorites. i don't feel that she is finished yet, but i haven't decided what else she eneds....

cracks in the meeting of two buildings in the marigny. i find beauty in the most unexpected things.

i wonder how long those mardi gras beads have been up there?
house in the bend of bourbon.

oh, i just love the colors here. hadn't noticed this house before... wonder if it's a new paintjob?!

so, that's all the news that's fit to print on this gloomy monday. supposedly, the nice, 70 degree weather is supposed to return tomorrow....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i have to get this off my chest...

it's waaaaay too early for a flaky artist like me to be awake!
but, alas, today is my 6th day of jury duty and i have to check in at the time i am usually rousing myself from sleep.

i have to tell you, the longer i am in this pool. the longer i sit there. waiting. i want to pretty much kill someone.
it should be illegal the way they run this thing.
9 days of sitting with 400 other folks in a tiny room with no food and some severly uncomfortable chairs.
i can't bring my scissors or exacto knife in.
 i feel like i am the one in prison.
and it just goes on and on and on....

i'll never get this time back from my life. i'll never get a do over from this imprisonment.
and everytime the call 50 names to go upstairs to be hearded around like cattle, we all hold our breath.

so, here i am again. up and cramming coffee into my gut like it was the last drop of water in the desert, hoping that by the time i check in a the court house, i will be less homicidal...

this is, of course, where i would rawther be...

sitting in my sunny studio, working on the myriad of projects that i have going.

or hey, maybe being at work...


that would be nice. to be loosing hundreds of dollars this month so some judge can call my fat ass upstairs and have me sit there for 15 minutes only to come back and tell me i'm not needed... that they have come to an agreement with the accused.

but, you don't really want to hear about all of this
i know.
but i can't help it. i need to vent.

alas, i am running late for this dreaded stupidity.

i must away...

here is a happy image to hopefully make up for all my ranting:

hope that you all have a happy, bright day!

ps... keep your fingers crossed that i don't get called, picked, or otherwise bothered and that, unlike the last 3 days when i rolled out of there after 3pm, that we can all go home by noon and the day is not a total and complete waste....

Friday, March 12, 2010

the big four - oh!

today is my 40th birthday!

whoo hoo!!!
i made it.

(me at 2 weeks old. awwwwww.....)

mr. b is taking me to restaurant august tonight for dinner and some friends are meeting me at feelings cafe to toast a new decade por moi.

unlike many women out there in the world, i have been looking forward to turning 40.  i am the happiest and the most contented that i have ever been. i am surrounded by people who love me. also have some folks who genuinely like me. my jewelry sells pretty well and i have a (somewhat disorganized) studio where i get to play with paper and sequins pretty regularly.
what's not to love!?

anyway.... on my birthday i enjoy giving gifts and well wishes to others.... so i wish you all the best and brightest day and many more for the years ahead!



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

flitting around the studio

well, there seems to have been a lot going on around here lately. there probably hasn't, really, it just feels that way.
i am 3 day into serving 9 days in the criminal district jury pool and let me tell you - it's taking it out of me!
but, i am trying to keep a stiff upper lip, nonetheless...

have been trying to work on a few things here and there....

a new cab i started beading around on sunday. changed the color order on monday.

box of goodies. this is what i haul around my cabs in. you can see semi finished pieces, plain cabs, and pieces of ultrasuede poking out. all jumbled together waiting to be worked on!

my baby boy, cash, keeps me company while i work.

a few paper projects in the works. i find that i enjoy working with paper much in the same fashion as i do my beading - kind of a production line format. who knows what these will become?!

a little inspiration i keep in front of my beading table. i opened the blinds to find this beckoning me on sunday afternoon.

hopefully i will have finished work to show you by monday.

this weekend is my 40th birthday and i am sure that celebrations will ensue, so don't hold me to the finished work time table....
have a great week, everyone!


Friday, March 5, 2010

a little something to share

it's about 9am on friday morning. patches is curled up beside me and we are both putting off my going to work this morning.

i have my first week of jury duty behind me. 7 more days to go. i actually made it into the courtroom for the jury selection process yesterday, but they dismissed me right off the bat. yay!

it's still pretty damn chilly here. i have been trying to work a bit in the studio, but the going has been slow.

last night i glued cabs to ultrasuede. i like to work in an assembly line fashion so that i can not only have my pick of things to work on, but i pretty much always have something to do.

i spent most of last week making this shadow box for my good friend, ande. i hope she likes it. it's just a plain old chipboard shadow box, but i had fun with it. i have all these ideas for shadow boxes, paper theatres, and whimsical sculptures, but i have to remind myself to work slowly and not rush.

it's my first box, and i realize i have a lot to learn, but i think i am on the right path. and i know i will enjoy the journey.

i hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!

have a good one!