Wednesday, December 29, 2010

yes, amber there is a new year approaching...

christmas is behind us. we're moving toward new year's.

and then of course....MARDI GRAS!

i start getting excited about twelfth night around evening on dec 25th...yes, i know...but you gotta have something to look forward to when all the presents have been unwrapped and the stuffing is gone.

mr. b and i had a pretty darn near perfect holiday. i managed NOT to have a teary meltdown or want to blow someone's head off, so i considered that pretty good before we even got to christmas day.

our only real let down was that my folks caught the flu and we didn't get to drive over and see them on the 26th like we planned.
but....our stay in alabama allowed us to catch some flakes.

it was just weird seeing snow on christmas!

but, now we are home, and back to our semi - normal life...

yesterday i hit the art supply store with the gift certificate mr. b got me ( and spent waaay more than it was for) and was back in my studio by early afternoon.

the hearts i made for valentine's are leaving a bit to be desired paint wise. i need to figure out how to fix what keeps going wrong, brush stroke wise. the hearts themselves look great, but getting the color and texture of the paint i want is eluding me.

i did start on the paintings i told you i wanted to make.
i will have the first pictures of those this afternoon or tomorrow.
to be honest, the first one turned out almost exactly the way i pictured it...:)

of course, i am thinking ahead to the new year, when, as i have told you, i will have to look for work again to supplement my little art business. i think that i may have come to terms with it and have figured out how i want to approach it as well as several places i intend to offer my services ( their customer service SUCKS!!!).
but, i am not even going to begin that quest until AFTER the new year....

i have also been giving some thought to things i want to accomplish in 2011.
i don't make resolutions, and you'll have to forgive me, but i think it is a silly practice.

 my MIL had on regis and kelly while we were home, and they were taking a poll in their audience of which resolutions the audience members wanted to make.
 the only choices were: 
loose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, get out of debt, and one other that eludes me at the moment, but it was along the same line.
jaysus h. macy! is this what we've become?! it seems like these are the only resolutions any one ever makes!
what about: be a kinder person. appreciate art. ponder nature. play with a kitten.
really?! i guess we are a nation of excess.

and, i'm as guilty of excess as the next person.

 i TOTALLY racked up some pretty spectacular christmas presents including a new coffee maker and a butt-load of yergga chaffee coffee...

but, i don't consider myself to be an excessive personality.i like quality. not quantity.  i have always tried to approach my life in that everything is good in moderation. except maybe cheese. i do hit the cheese pretty hard from time to time...

so, while thinking about the things i want to acheive this year ( in 2008 my only goal was to drink more of better wines and i acheived that goal with a trip to napa and sonoma that summer) i thought about the things i want from my life that will not only make it richer and more rewarding and enjoyable for me, but also for those around me.
i am still working on my list and i plan to post it later this week.

so, i suppose my little brain has been a whirl of activity these last few days.
i bought the sketchbook i wanted ( and boy! is is a whopper), i got the paints i need to work on the paintings i am envisioning, and i am still planning and scheming and test driving new ideas for my shoppe....

i guess that's about it for now.
i do need to get moving this morning. i have quite a bit to do today including taking a thank you gift over to our moste recent kitty sitter.

later, y'all...



Aleta said...

We did have ONE Christmas with Snow in New Orleans :) It's a rarity. I'd love to see snow again, but I don't think we'll get any this season.

Our home is still decorated for Christmas. I need to take it all down now :( and get ready for Mardi Gras :) King Cakes - yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Laurie said...

I am hoping to see some Margot Tenenbaum paintings emerge from your paintbrush. ;)

Stagger Lee said...

Well, I'm already exercising more, I've already stopped smoking (didn't even have a cigar for Bama beating UT this year!), and I think the debt is manageable for the all my resolutions are along the lines of taking better care of what teeth and hair I have left (I still have 2/3 of my adult teeth, and that ain't bad).

Oh yes, and find my way to New Orleans before 12/31/11, however briefly. =)

Amber Leilani said...

aleta - i saw the first king cake display at rouse's yesterday! can't wait. had to restrain myself...

laurie... no way! my costume will be made with the use of a printer!

stagger lee...teeth are more important than hair, but i feel ya! hope to see y'all in nola sometime next year...