Thursday, December 9, 2010

the weather outside is...


at least for us here in the humid south.
anything below 65 is cold to us! ha ha!

but, i am happy to have my doc martens on today...

i wanted to thank you ladies who left such inspiring, lovely comments yesterday. that was a hard post to put up. i felt very dark on the inside yesterday. today seems much lighter....

i've been giving some thought to your comments and of course, i know that it is up to me to make my world whatever i want it to be. i know this in my brain. but my little arty heart just can't feel it sometimes.

but, i'll keep working on it.

i'm off today to do some networking, take some pictures for a new project i have planned, and just enjoy the holiday spirit a little.

thanks again for listening!



1 comment:

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Oooo... I LOVE those boots! Awesome! =D

Hope you're having a most wonderful day today!

And darkness is the balance of light. We need to accept both aspects of ourselves if we want to be balanced & whole.

Have an awesome weekend!