Monday, October 25, 2010

skelly's and fridas....

well, it's almost that time of the year... HALLOWEEN and DIA DE LOS MUERTOS...
two of my most favorite celebrations.

i've been churning out day of the dead couples like it was nobody's business and i still have a half dozen or so on the drying rack.

 these happy couples are available in my ETSY shoppe ( for the moment):

but they may be getting a new home at the RAGIN' DAISY tomorrow, depending on how many more i get finished today! :)

beautiful frida is going to the quarter as well.

and finally, this is a custom wedding piece i did for a lovely gal getting married in florida on halloween.

although i have had to start on some christmas goodies, my heart is still fully rooted in the witching hour and the  bizarre and i am also working on some conjoined twins pieces that i expect to have ready for the november 6th freret street market.

not much else is going on.... so let me bounce.

i have more skelly's to paint....



Gloria said...

Very nice Amber. I like them all. I think next year I may do some paper mache for el dia. I look forward to seeing your offering. Have a great week.

Mickie Mueller Art said...

These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them! :o)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Happy Halloween! =D
I love your skelly couples... they're just the best! And your Frida is to DIE for! ^-^
I know you're insanely busy, but when you have a moment, feel free to stop by my place & pick up your very own zombie bunny... They're a great help! ^-^
Always excited to see the wonderful things you create!


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Happy anniversary to you too! =D
Wow... two shows this weekend. I can't even begin to imagine how insane everything must be! Sending you calm, zenning vibes. ^-^
Have a wonderful day & I hope everything goes super well with your shows! ^-^


maria said...

Amber these are awesome! hope all is well.