Monday, October 18, 2010

it was complete pandemonium...

saturday night was the PANDEMONIUM SHADOW SHOW, which i was a part of at the big top gallery here in beautiful nola.

my good friend, niki fisk is the featured artist there this year and she put on the show

, generously inviting me to be a part of it.

i had a little table of my dollies...

niki sold her amazing, rare adornments...

cassie mckane joined us with her beautiful plant arrangements...

and there were several other vendors, who unfortunately, i did not get very good pictures of...

ratty scurvics entertained us and many of my friends dropped by to shop and say hello and have a drank with us...

it was a fun evening and we were all pleased with the turn out!

xtra special thanks to mallory over at miss malaprop for the enormous shout out earlier this week!
it was weird seeing my dolls on someone else's blog. but in a good way!

i topped the weekend off with a tromp through the quarter yesterday

and a round of SUPERNATURAL on the dvd player.
all in all, a pretty nice october weekend.

today i have to take and post some pics of the day of the dead pieces i finished on friday.
 i have a few folks interested in them for wedding gifts.
and i need to make some more, as i am pretty much sold out and i have to deliver to the ragin daisy on friday.

after that... it's christmas time! yep, you heard me right ... time to start glittering snowmen and seeing what other holiday enchantments my deviant little brain can come up with.

truth is, i'm not much of a christmastime person... i much prefer halloween, but like the great pumpkin king himself once said, " i've got a few ideas that'll really make 'em scream!"

so, that's that for this lovely monday morning...

i hope everyone has a fantastic week and i'll see you all very soon!


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Lidia said...

It looks like it was a fabulous and fun show. How I wish I could have been there. BTW I'm with you, I prefer Halloween to Christmas. ;)